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3 strings vs 4 strings

Does everyone that plays chords and picks find it easier to play this...
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08/10/12 10:47:14PM @jeff:

Hello Cindi

Phil Myers
07/25/12 08:09:02AM @phil-myers:

Cindi, the facility is called Skyland Care Center.

07/19/12 08:33:33PM @george:

HI Cindi. You should try the noter at least once. I'm not sure I like using it, though. It gives a little different sound. I think I still prefer my fingers on the strings.

07/14/12 07:41:38AM @george:

I've been practicing 'Both Sides Now' since you posted. Thanks for jogging my memory for this one. Love the song and my attempt is getting better.

RavenMadd Garcia
07/11/12 05:39:37PM @ravenmadd-garcia:

no thats my daughter heading to her prom .......have a good one

RavenMadd Garcia
07/10/12 01:12:17AM @ravenmadd-garcia:

have a great creative week .....still slowly learning the dulcimer ....its under my

07/09/12 09:51:29AM @george:

thanks. I'll give it a try. Might have to ask for a tab, though. Yours sounded really nice.

Dan Goad
06/28/12 06:59:45PM @dan-goad:

Thanks Cindi. See you on chat.

Linda W. Collins
06/05/12 08:25:23PM @linda-w-collins:

Hi Cindi,

I was so glad to be able to be there for you. It was an honor to play for your mom's celebration of life service; thank you for asking me. Your mom must have been an amazing woman to have touched so many people so deeply.

Several folks told me they really enjoyed hearing the dulcimer. You may have chosen it for yourself, but the instrument won a few new fans.

Keep in touch. Call me sometime when you are coming to Tally.

Best wishes,


Jan Potts
02/25/12 02:24:10AM @jan-potts:

Um.....guess my memory isn't that great! I know I said I was going to OVG (my first time) and IDF (also first time) and that I was pretty sure I signed up for Tull's arranging class at IDF and I might have added that I would also be at KMW and Dulcimerville...I also asked if you knew Dorene Dennie, because I thought your name was one she had mentioned (as someone in Indianawho was learning about dulcimers). I'm currently in Tucson AZ, and have been taken in by the wonderful Tucson Dulcimer Ensemble. We practice about twice a week and have a lot of fun jamming, as well. Actually, I came out here (from Lexington, KY) for medical treatment, but I'm healing nicely from my surgery and my pathology report was good, so I"m heading back to KY next week. I really feel for your father (and you) dealing with the esophogeal very excellent surgeon out here thought (after 2 biopsies and numerous other tests) that I had a rare form of thyroid cancer, but after they removed it and thoroughly checked it, there wasn't any......that was the third time in a year that I had been through a cancer scare. Each time, it has taken about 6 months to determine that it is not cancer. I really feel like I"ve been through the wringer, but I am also so very thankful that I don't have to have any cancer treatments. I certainly wish your father all the best and I hope that your dulcimer music can be soothing to at least one of you! Well......this is certainly more than I said the first time! Hope to see you at an event soon! Jan

robert schuler
12/01/11 07:45:55PM @robert-schuler:

Thanks cindi. I really like this banjo. The long scale and 12" pot make for a big deep sound. I would love to add more music files but recording and getting it to sound just right is a bit too nerve wracking. I will try... Bob.

James Harvey Robertson
11/16/11 09:00:04PM @james-harvey-robertson:

Thanks, Cindi. Si Beag, Si Mohr is one of my all time favorites.

Linda W. Collins
10/20/11 05:50:44PM @linda-w-collins:

Hi Cindi,

I taught at festivals in 2002 and 2003; then this spinal cord problem meant I couldn't continue. I got my book published recently, though. You can learn about it on my website: .


Linda W. Collins
10/18/11 11:59:30PM @linda-w-collins:

Hi Cindi,

Seems we're neighbors. I teach dulcimer in Tallahassee. Aaron O'Rourke was one of my students. Hope we can meet sometime.


John Keane
10/07/11 09:02:20PM @john-keane:
Hey! Thanks for "friending" me! Love your posts!
Kendra Ward
09/11/11 09:57:49PM @kendra-ward:

Hi Cindi, I am really surprised that the Folkcraft instrument is set up differently. How is it set up? Do you have a diagram of the notes? I would be very interested in seeing the set-up.



Kendra Ward
08/20/11 09:50:46PM @kendra-ward:

Hi Cindi, Yes, I do teach the bowed psaltery, but not very often. I do have a book about how to can see it at


Robin Thompson
05/24/11 05:52:00PM @robin-thompson:
The pleasure's mine, cindi!
Molly McCurdy
05/23/11 12:53:06PM @molly-mccurdy:
Thanks! I'll look forward to, hopefully hearing from him!