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David Lynch

shop safety tips

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David Lynch

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David Lynch


What would you consider a reasonable price increase? Recently I posted...
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Finally closing up the shop....

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David Lynch

A new "old" Tennessee Music box

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John W. McKinstry
03/23/17 09:38:33AM @john-w-mckinstry:

Hi David, I would love to hear from you concerning a Drophour Dulcimer that I am interested in and that you make.         I have had trouble getting through to you via regular e-mail so I thought I would try you at this site.

Julie Hopkins
10/22/13 01:45:55PM @julie-hopkins:

Thank you Dave for my new and awesome Sweet Woods Performance Model dulcimer! It looks and sounds great. I have been playing it for a couple of weeks now and am in love with itGrin.gif . It sure gets a lot of interest from folks..... there is not a huge dulcimer community here in Alaska.....


05/09/13 04:17:21PM @zachary:

Hey Dave,

I'm a true beginner with mountain dulcimers. I am in the process of looking to make my first purchase and your student Dulcimer has been the hands-down favorite for a first time dulcimer buyer. I was wondering what the typical time frame is to ordering and purchasing the dulcimer to receiving the finished product. Also, are you able to ship to Pa? I look forward to hearing back from you. Take care!


David Lynch
09/27/09 03:05:32PM @david-lynch:
thanks for the welcome everyone. Please bear with me as I learn how to navigate around the website....it'll probably take me awhile. Not saying the website is bad or anything like that, just acknowledging what ever one knows already: that me and computers don't play well together
Robin Thompson
09/26/09 10:52:15PM @robin-thompson:
Hey, Dave!I do not know whether there are any Alp horn players here or not but there are lots of dulcymore players! :-)Good to have you here!
09/25/09 08:42:47PM @folkfan:
Can I be your friend?????
Rod Westerfield
09/24/09 11:23:52PM @rod-westerfield:
Welcome Dave glad ya joined us here.... I typed slow just for you...lol
09/24/09 10:51:01PM @strumelia:
A big welcome to you David! :)