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I was born and grew up in the northeast, was around music all my life but didn't seriously start to learn to play any instrument until recently. My dad played acoustic guitar and my fondest memories as a child are of him pulling out his guitar and playing and singing the old hymns and country songs. My husband also plays guitar, met him when he was playing in a rock band many, many years ago. We're working at playing some songs together, he's helping me to learn to jam. We now live in the Midwest and I have an interest in the pioneers that settled here especially the Boone family, so learning to play the dulcimer has become a priority after reading Maddy McNeill' s book on "The Wilderness Road" and the journey of the dulcimer. My goal is to share with others especially children the story of the dulcimer and their heritage.

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I would love to start to learn fingerpicking but I have very thin, soft...
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Jan Potts
08/16/15 01:20:31AM @jan-potts:

Sorry you can't come to KY this year, but since you have a whole year to plan for the NEXT Homer Ledford Festival, then you might as well plan to get in as much as you can while you're out here.  Berea, KY, is about 35 miles from Lexington and that's a great place to tour--or at least drop in the Artisan Center right by I-75, maybe eat some good homestyle southern cooking for lunch, and then drive a couple miles into the center of town to see Warren May in his shop (closed on Sundays).  He's a friendly guy to talk to and he'll let you try out his dulcimers or just watch him as he works on one.  On the north side of Lexington is the KY Horse Park, a great place to spend half a day...museums, videos, live performances like the very informative "Parade of Breeds", wagon rides, horse and pony rides, plus lots of barns, farrier shops, etc. to view.  Bring a picnic lunch or eat at the informal restaurant.  Then, further north of that, is the huge Toyota plant in Georgetown, KY, where you can take a tour.  Just some of the fun stuff to do around here!

Jan Potts
08/15/15 08:22:39AM @jan-potts:

Debbie--just a thought.....Have you made plans for Labor Day weekend yet?  How about a 400 mile roadtrip east to Winchester, KY, where there will be the Homer Ledford Dulcimer Festival...jamming Friday evening, workshops all day on Sat., followed by a GREAT concert Sat. evening, and ending with a hymnsing Sunday morning.  Check it out in the "Events" tab.  Also, this was an area where the Boone family lived...Fort Boonesboro is just south of Winchester. 

Tim  Canuelle
07/09/11 02:54:50AM @tim-canuelle:


Do you have TAB fo Ashokan Farewell? I'd love a simple TAB vesion, if you have one. Thanks.


Sue Simms
11/15/10 01:20:53PM @sue-simms:
Debra have fun ! I enjoy this site, great friends and music . Grin.gif
11/14/10 07:32:40PM @strumelia:
Welcome Deborah, make yourself at home!
Rod Westerfield
11/13/10 10:06:25AM @rod-westerfield:
welcome Deborah glad ya joined the FOTMD family... 103.gif yeah another Missourian...
Sue Simms
11/12/10 04:16:55PM @sue-simms:
Welcome Deborah ! Smile.gif
Bill Lewis
11/12/10 12:25:06PM @bill-lewis:
Welcome to FOTMD Deborah. Grin.gif