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Simple Gifts

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:01:58
Performed at the Belfast Free Library August 24, 2016. Don DePoy and Nellie Kennedy - Dulcimers; Martha Hills - Vocal and Bass; Mark Daly - Mandolin
Donald DePoy
11/22/16 06:28:47AM @donald-depoy:

Thanks for your kind words of encouragement.  Simple Gifts was a "play party dance" and the words a call for a dance step.  It also shows up in old hymnals as "Lord of the Dance"

Robin Thompson
09/04/16 06:16:49PM @robin-thompson:


Terry Wilson
09/02/16 08:35:01AM @terry-wilson:

Thanks for the beautiful song.  I play this song solo, and super dooper slow.  So you have given me reason to speed this song up a little.


Dusty Turtle
09/02/16 01:40:25AM @dusty-turtle:

Nice arrangement. I'd love to hear more of that ensemble play.

Lexie R Oakley
09/01/16 02:38:49PM @lexie-r-oakley:

Very nicely done.