Dulcimer Tuning Pegs for Sale

Richard Streib
Richard Streib
3 weeks ago
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Grover Geared Tuners 123G series, 4 pcs. Gold finish. Removed from a new dulcimer when I got it because I wanted chrome finish pegs. Price: $68 including shipping to US.

Grover PermaTension 885C series, 4 pcs. Chrome finish. Removed from a mid 90's dulcimer which I upgraded before selling it. Worked fine when removed. Price: $20 including shipping to US.

Waverly Nickel Geared Peg, 1 pc. Nickel finish. Purchased to replace a damaged peg in the set on my dulcimer. Then I decided to replace all with 5 Star pegs. Never installed. Price $22 including shipping to US.

Images are actual items for sale.