Congratulations, Mark Gilston!

6 months ago
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*CONGRATULATIONS, MARK!*  ~I cannot wait to listen to all those tunes~  

Jan Potts
6 months ago
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Congratulations, Mark!  Thanks for sharing your songs with us!

Jan Potts, Lexington, KY
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Mark Gilston
6 months ago
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Thanks all,

Here are videos of the four tunes I played in the competition.

Grigsby’s Hornpipe:


Banish Misfortune:

Dennis (Blessed be the tie):

Mark Gilston

Winfield winners 50.jpeg

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Dusty Turtle
6 months ago
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Congrats, Mark.  An honor long overdue.

Dusty T., Northern California
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Lexie R Oakley
6 months ago
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We are excited about your win Mark! Thanks for representing our "Sweet Strings"!

Robin Thompson
6 months ago
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Congratulations, Mark, on your win at Winfield!  

Robin T
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