Loop Pedal 101: The Basics - 1/20 at 7 pm ET on Zoom

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Hi, folks, and Happy New Year! - 

I'll be teaching two upcoming online workshops via Zoom on the subject of loop pedals:

1/20 - Loop Pedal 101: The Basics

2/17 - Loop Pedal 102: Practice & Performance

The first workshop is very much an introduction to the loop pedal and attendees will learn the basics in this session as I demonstrate:

• How to set up your loop pedal

• How to record loops

• How to use the "undo" function creatively

• How to layer loops effectively

• How to save and export your loops

The second workshop takes a next-level approach with a focus on live recording, performance, and also as a tool for practice. In this workshop, I'll cover:

• Practicing multi-part arrangements

• Creating backing tracks for soloing

• Playback and recording options

• How to avoid painting yourself into a corner

• Performance hacks and tips for effective arrangements

Attendees will receive resource materials and a copy of the workshop video.

Registration for each workshop is $25 - there's also a 2-workshop package for $40

If you don't have a looper yet and aren't sure which one to get, here are a handful of suggestions for different price points (I don't make any money from the links):

Boss RC-1 - $119  

Donner Circle Looper Pedal - $119  

For entry-level looping, you can't miss with the RC-1.  It's simple, bare-bones, and has a proven track record.

I'm not familiar with the Donner Circle, but it stacks an impressive list of features for the same price point, plus it has drum and percussion beats, which is a plus for performers.  Plus, it looks hella cooler than the standard flat red Boss pedals and the reviews are favorable.

TC Electronics Ditto Jam X2 - $199  

TCE has been in the killer looper game for a while and they fight it out in this dollar tier along with stalwarts of the Boss RC series.  Cool feature of this pedal uses microphones to sync tempos with other instruments. Great for using loops while playing with others!

Boss RC-30 - $140-$250  

Boss RC-10r - $329  

I've owned three loopers in my career and two of them are actively on my pedal board.  The RC-30 is legendary and very simple to use, once you get used to the two-pedal set-up.  The RC-10r is my new favorite crush, and it's capable of great flexibility, something that can be a challenge for older loopers.  

You'll notice that I don't recommend anything under $100, and that boils down to features, especially recording time.  Many of the trim, slim and simple-looking little pedals that go for $49 are only capable of recording snippets of playing, or have around five minutes of total storage time.  Go ahead and invest a little more for something with more storage, with more features.  If you end up selling it, you'll get more of your money back than with the smaller, cheaper pedals.

Click here for your registration options and let me know if you have any questions.  Thanks for your consideration!

- Bing

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