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@Carla Maxwell, 01/13/17 07:01:29PM
Thank you for your reply, Helen. It is good to hear from you. I'm sorry to hear that you are struggling with anxiety, and I hope you feel better soon.

Adrian and I had a good visit with Richard Troughear in November and wished you could have joined us.

I'm glad you got the message from Tom. He was interested in buying a dulcimer, and Adrian thought you might have one to sell.

We will be in Australia until the middle of March. When you feel like it, I hope we can get together. xoxo

[I think I have to delete my earlier note on your guestbook, so I can post this one. I'm not too familiar with using fotmd.com. I'm a little confused here….sorry.]
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@jeffrey charles foster, 07/24/16 11:12:50PM
Jeffrey C Foster
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@Gerald, 06/03/16 03:21:22PM
Hello Helen,
I see that one of you favorite songs is Norwegian Wood. Just happens that I had been working on that tune on my dulcimer. I posted an attempt at it on my YouTube channel (MrWireguy). Maybe it can give you some inspiration. Certainly one of my favorites also. Cheers
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@Terry Wilson, 03/30/16 04:15:26PM
Hi Helen,

Where are you? You are missed. I am praying that your absence is not due to an illness.

Best Regards,
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@Helen Seiler, 01/28/16 02:33:27PM
G'day Cynthia, gosh, you poor thing, my sister had the same thing nearly happen not that long ago. An unhappy gall bladder isnt fun, I've had that. Thank goodness u r ok. Re reading, i like reading fact and fiction about the US, particulary old times. I hope u r back 100 percent soon, like i saiď, we all miss u. I make my videos on Vimeo.com . Its simple to use and free. I didnt know that Youtube had pulled the plug on members using it for vids. Take care blossum. Hugs Helen in Oz.
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@Cynthia Wigington, 01/27/16 05:34:43PM
Helen I just got your Merry Christmas - rather just found it. I never know when someone contacts me anymore. Hope you are well too. Don't know what to do with youtube not letting us make vids on there anymore. I was ill for a few months - they misdiagnosed a very very sick gallbladder until I pretty near died of it. Love you too lady, and always relate to you and your neat pile of instruments, moods and music. Read a ton of Arthur Upfield and loved learning about the different areas in Australia.