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Earl's Wish

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Helen Seiler
10/13/14 05:03:14PM @helen-seiler:
Thanks for taking the time to watch Dan.
Helen Seiler
10/13/14 01:42:03PM @helen-seiler:
Thanks Kristi......given I sometimes have way to much time on my hands, I may need to experiment on that. I suspect that bare feet may be even better than red socks lol.
Kristi Keller
10/13/14 11:49:04AM @kristi-keller:

Way to go Helen. Nice tune. What happens with other socks or bare feet?

Helen Seiler
10/10/14 05:19:50PM @helen-seiler:
Thank you Gregory.
Helen Seiler
10/10/14 05:19:28PM @helen-seiler:
Gee thanks Geekling.
Greg Patterson
10/10/14 04:12:30PM @greg-patterson:

Nice tune, Helen!

Helen Seiler
10/09/14 04:47:31AM @helen-seiler:
Thanks for watching Patty and Dana.
Dana R. McCall
10/08/14 11:14:41PM @dana-r-mccall:

I'm going to buy me a pair of red socks. that was very pretty Helen

Patty from Virginia
10/08/14 09:03:15PM @patty-from-virginia:

Helen, I think that's a pretty tune. Thanks for recording it for us.

Helen Seiler
10/08/14 05:16:45PM @helen-seiler:
Thank you very much John.
John Keane
10/08/14 06:17:43AM @john-keane:

Helen, that's a great tune that you have going there!

Helen Seiler
10/07/14 11:10:35PM @helen-seiler:
Thanks so much for Cindy.
Helen Seiler
10/07/14 11:09:56PM @helen-seiler:
Thanks for watching Guy and Mary. I might try and work some pinches and brushes into it...will see how I go...so much to learn but all fun.
Helen Seiler
10/07/14 11:08:17PM @helen-seiler:
Thanks Lisa, that might be a good idea when he settles down a bit. Ta for watching.
Helen Seiler
10/07/14 11:06:43PM @helen-seiler:
Crikey Ken! Take care of yourself.
Cindy Stammich
10/07/14 10:15:04PM @cindy-stammich:

So sweet and peaceful! Don't ever apologize for something being too long - beauty is never too long!

And isn't fingerpicking wonderful?

Nice writing too!!!

Keep strumming and smiling!Smile.gif


Guy Babusek
10/07/14 06:31:07PM @guy-babusek:

That was lovely, Helen!

Ken Backer
10/07/14 06:24:07PM @ken-backer:

Helen, I thought it sounded just fine, and the feeling behind it was there. The "Sleepy Valley Boys" have been performing about every week since last spring. Had to cancel the gig this past Sunday because, of all things, I came down with shingles. Fortunatly, it was caught early but the anti-viral drugs are playing with my brain.Frown.gif

10/07/14 06:15:15PM @strumelia:

Very lovely and heartfelt, Helen. I bet "Earl" would love hearing in person, and to feel your empathy. Sometimes support and comfort can be wordless.

Helen Seiler
10/07/14 05:37:02PM @helen-seiler:
Thanks Ken, its funny, i started the day out with a laid back muted strum but what I thought sounded cool sounded awful recorded. More practise I guess. Music is so good for my soul. Have you been playing many gigs lately?