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Helen Seiler
12/25/14 03:43:47AM @helen-seiler:
Thanks Robin. Merry Christmas!
Robin Clark
12/25/14 03:14:49AM @robin-clark:

That's a great bit of kit - and finely demonstrated Grin.gif

Happy Christmas !!!!!

Helen Seiler
12/23/14 03:53:04PM @helen-seiler:
Thanks for taking a look Patty.
Helen Seiler
12/23/14 03:51:51PM @helen-seiler:
Ooh Cynthia, there's and idea...hee hee hee. Thanks for watching.
Ken Backer
12/23/14 10:25:23AM @ken-backer:

Sorry to hear about Floyd. I can still remember your first video with him singing away in the background.Grin.gif

Patty from Virginia
12/23/14 10:20:20AM @patty-from-virginia:

That's cool!!! I like that a lot!!! Merry Christmas to you HelenSmile.gif I must say it's nice to see someone dressed in short sleeves and shorts this time of year (for us in the Norther Hemisphere)Grin.gifSmile.gif

Cynthia Wigington
12/23/14 09:37:59AM @cynthia-wigington:

Helen you're such a trip - I fully expect to see you do a video one day hanging by your ankles, saying you've invented an instrument that requires you to hang from your ankles to play it...

Helen Seiler
12/22/14 11:01:39PM @helen-seiler:
I am so pleased you enjoyed it Pamela. But I do tend to jabber on a bit. Thanks for watching.
Helen Seiler
12/22/14 10:59:06PM @helen-seiler:
Thanks Cindy, its a bit like the circular breathing on the didg...I sort of need to shut down part of my brain to do it. Thats not hard for me cos my head tends to wander off quite naturally. Thats why the house is a disaster but my art room tidy.
Helen Seiler
12/22/14 10:55:25PM @helen-seiler:
Thanks Ken, it may definitely be a one woman show very soon. Floyd my bird isnt looking too good, vet says just plain old age might be catching up with him. I did this clip to distract myself from his plight. Am not having a lot of luck in the pet area of my life lately. I hope Flloydy proves vet wrong. Thanks for watching.
Helen Seiler
12/22/14 10:50:30PM @helen-seiler:
Tumbleweed, keep at that didg...u can do it!
Cindy Stammich
12/22/14 10:42:59PM @cindy-stammich:
Wow Helen - this is a hoot!!! My dad always said I couldn't walk and chew gum at the same time, so this is totally awesome!!!!!
Ken Backer
12/22/14 10:34:13PM @ken-backer:

Hi ya, Helen. Glad to see you are up to speed again. And you've found yourself a new set of toysGrin.gif As I said before, your going to turn into a one gal minstrel show. It's sounding really good. Now, find a way to bring your birds into the act....

Helen Seiler
12/22/14 10:28:23PM @helen-seiler:
Gee thanks Tumbleweed:D
12/22/14 10:23:06PM @tumbleweed:


You are one of the coolest gals on this site. I have a couple of djembes and other hand drums and foot symbols that I use with them. They attach around my foot. I wouldn't have thought to use them with my MD. Thanks for another great idea. I pulled out my didge and tried to sound as good as your week one video but I have a long way to go. It still sounds like a buffalo passing gas. I love your videos please don't stop adding new ones. K?

TW from Temecula, CA

Helen Seiler
12/22/14 10:20:21PM @helen-seiler:

Google Foot Drum to find these, this particular product is on the site that comes up, it is called a Downbeat Pedal. No springs, it works by magnet placement, is nearly all timber and has a non slip surface on the floor side. See ya.