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Days End

Days End
Duration: 00:01:51
Helen Seiler
01/18/16 03:51:58PM @helen-seiler:

Why, thank you Mr Keane. sun

John Keane
01/17/16 08:26:04AM @john-keane:

Absolutely lovely!  Great flat picking too!

Helen Seiler
01/13/16 05:34:57PM @helen-seiler:

Hi Steve, thanks so much. What are you working on right now...another lovely original? sun

Helen Seiler
01/13/16 05:33:44PM @helen-seiler:

Hi Maria, i am so glad to be buddies with you on here.. i love your music and how you have found the dulcimer and really made it your own.. This dulcimer is a Ron Gibson 6 string with a 1.5 fret. I find Rons six strings are very sweet in tone... i use his extra light strings (have a weak left hand) and i think that makes it sweeter still. Even with your injury i think u would manage a six string by Ron well, especially being a guitar player. The strings are 3 sets of two strings and the bass pair are a bw string as on a normal dulcimer and a lighter string u tune an octave higher (like the melody strings)... that too adds to its sweetness. I have a maple and cherry six string by Ron too that is even sweeter but i dont have the extra fret on it. I will be getting another from Ron later this year, this time with a pickup as well... no, I'm not related to Ron i just love what he creates. Everyone on here has their favourite/s in brands and builders.  Being so far away i dont get to try before i buy but i now have 5 of Ron's and not one has let me down...i play them all regularly.

Helen Seiler
01/13/16 05:20:16PM @helen-seiler:

I hear ya Ken, i do worry about 'drying up' song wise. But while the tunes keep coming into my head i'll grab them. I am sure i will have dry times and this could even be my only writing 'time'. I have a set of for cds of early blues songs coming in the post that i hope will give my brain some ideas.. its taking a bit longer to get here than usual from Elderly probably due to getting caught up in the xmas mail. I hope to get some inspiration in my head from them. I woke up at 5am  with this song fully formed in my head.. had to pick it out very softly and write down the tab before it was gone. I even have to hum the tune as i go get the dulcimer and note pad cos even the slightest change of thought loses it.. how does it work for yur originals Ken?

Steve Battarbee
01/13/16 05:14:57PM @steve-battarbee:

That's really pretty Helen. well played

01/12/16 11:05:26PM @sleepingangel:

This is really nice Helen!! I love your gentle picking. Your dulcimer has a very sweet tone. What kind is it?

Thanks for sharing. I'm learning so much from watching everyone's videos!!


Ken Backer
01/12/16 06:36:55PM @ken-backer:

Oh dear Helen, your music creativeness is really starting to come through.  Save some for down the road.

Helen Seiler
01/11/16 04:14:01PM @helen-seiler:

Glad you found a way to see my videos Terry, and yes we have man caves down here too, or just 'The Shed' .. i think they save many a marriage and partnership.

Helen Seiler
01/11/16 04:10:21PM @helen-seiler:

Thank you very much Pine.. i always surprise myself when i come up with a peaceful tune...i am a heavy handed strummer so it is a real contrast.

Terry Wilson
01/11/16 03:56:28PM @terry-wilson:

That was certainly well done Helen.  Peaceful, like someone else said.  

By the way, I still can't play your videos on my "smart phone", but I can on my desk top computer in my man cave.

In case you don't know, a man cave is a place where husbands go when their wives have heard enough.

01/11/16 11:38:56AM @pine:

Lovely tune Helen. You have a nice touch. Very peaceful and gentle song.

Helen Seiler
01/10/16 10:15:29PM @helen-seiler:

I am so glad you did Paul.. thanks for having a listen.

Paul Killian
01/10/16 07:32:17PM @paul-killian:

Nice. I like that.

Helen Seiler
01/09/16 09:34:41PM @helen-seiler:

Thank you watching my music Gail. sun

Gail Webber
01/09/16 08:23:36PM @gail-webber:

A very pretty and peaceful tune!

Helen Seiler
01/09/16 02:00:00AM @helen-seiler:

You are very very welcome Charles.

Charles Thomas
01/09/16 01:42:16AM @charles-thomas:

Helen, Thanks for that! After a stressful week that hit the spot ! 

Helen Seiler
01/08/16 11:38:39PM @helen-seiler:

An original i hope. I like pretty music and of course the dulcimer is just the instrument for that. An anxious day causing my hands to shake a bit more than usual on this one and yes, all my shirts need a good iron (press) lol. CGc