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Well Slap My Thigh

Well Slap My Thigh
Duration: 00:02:49
Helen Seiler
02/14/16 04:37:57PM @helen-seiler:

G'day Best Bliss.. I wrote this one and would love for you to be able to play and sing it but i use my own tab shorthand so couldnt type it on here. You may be able to work it out from the clip. You need a dulkcimer with a one and a half fret to play it. Sorry i couldnt help. Helensun

02/14/16 02:26:30PM @blissness:


Very fun!  I liked your smiles- it added to the experience. Where can I find tab for this song? 

Best Bliss 

Helen Seiler
02/11/16 02:34:32AM @helen-seiler:

Thanks for watching Greg  sun

Greg Patterson
02/10/16 07:48:31PM @greg-patterson:


Helen Seiler
02/06/16 12:11:24AM @helen-seiler:

Thanks for having a listen Bill.

Helen Seiler
02/06/16 12:10:44AM @helen-seiler:

So glad you enjoyed it Charles... harmonica would work great. I nearly didnt post it cos my singing is so rough. You've made my day. sun

Bill S
02/05/16 11:38:01PM @bill-s:

I really like that one.


Charles Thomas
02/05/16 09:10:05PM @charles-thomas:

Helen, that was too much fun!! I had to dig out my harmonica and play along!

Helen Seiler
02/05/16 02:38:39PM @helen-seiler:

Awe thanks Wayne,... yes your lyrics fit perfectly!  Whatever melody you choose, (feel free to use mine if u like) get in there and write that song! You'll surprise yourself ... and you have already done the hard part. My songs start either with a lyric line or a 3 or 4 note pattern. That, and a bit of patience with yourself is all it takes.. so well done so far! I look forward to seeing it posted some time soon. sun

Rev. Wayne McAllister
02/05/16 10:11:21AM @rev-wayne-mcallister:


All I can say is OMG!!!  That was AWESOME!!!  Actually it gave me an idea. I've been working on a song (words for now) that I came up with several months ago about a dog I once had.   It's not her name BUT I chose to call her (in the lyrics) Gayle ..... "I had a dog, her name was Gayle, and all she did, was chase her tail."  You can only imagine where I went with the rest.  When (IF) I get it going I will post. Anyway ... THANK YOU for your inspiration thumbsup



Helen Seiler
02/04/16 03:23:53PM @helen-seiler:

Thank you for that Gail.

Gail Webber
02/03/16 08:54:06PM @gail-webber:

Nice one, Helen! 

Helen Seiler
02/03/16 04:59:16PM @helen-seiler:

Thanks so much Mr Terry. sun

Helen Seiler
02/03/16 04:58:13PM @helen-seiler:

Thanks for taking a look at it Robin. So glad you enjoyed it.

Helen Seiler
02/03/16 04:56:20PM @helen-seiler:

Thank you Dusty and John. John i cant believe i was nervous about getting a 1.5 fret... your advice to ignore it for the first week worked a treat then i started to experiment. Yes, I'm loving it now and dont knokw how i ever got by without it.

Terry Wilson
02/03/16 10:06:58AM @terry-wilson:

Your song writing skills have taken you up to new heights.   I enjoyed your song, Helen.

Robin Thompson
02/03/16 07:25:16AM @robin-thompson:

What fun, Helen!  Thanks for the smiles on this gray February morning! 

Dusty Turtle
02/03/16 02:21:48AM @dusty-turtle:

Very clever, Helen. clapper

John Keane
02/02/16 07:00:47PM @john-keane:

Someone in Australia is loving her 1+ fret!  Cool tune!

Helen Seiler
02/01/16 11:02:17PM @helen-seiler:

Thank you Mary... i never play with md on a table, i always play it on my lap with a strap around my waist.. plus for my videos i put a cushion under my left foot to even up the height a bit and stop my shakey foot moving the dulcimer.