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Cow Lullaby

Cow Lullaby
Duration: 00:02:45
An original. Been watching too many westerns lately... a whole lot of cattle drives. Ron Gibson 6 string CGc
Helen Seiler
03/05/16 02:25:45AM @helen-seiler:

Thank u Lexie.. i played it our local folk group last week and hit a few bum notes...so i might have startled a few cows..lol. giggle2

Lexie R Oakley
03/04/16 12:50:55PM @lexie-r-oakley:

Very beautiful song Helen. I think I would go out under the stars and play it for the cows and see how they react or if they sleep.


Helen Seiler
02/20/16 06:26:08PM @helen-seiler:

Hi Anne and G'day Larn. Thanks very much. h

Helen Seiler
02/20/16 06:25:01PM @helen-seiler:

Gee thank you Charles! I love your music so much. I send cows to sleep, but you take the listener on a real journey. I need to catch up on the audio files.. will do so when i am feeling a bit better.

Larn Werner
02/20/16 01:29:20PM @larn-werner:


Anne Bowman
02/20/16 08:18:31AM @anne-bowman:

Very very nice Helen....

Charles Thomas
02/19/16 08:58:01PM @charles-thomas:

Helen, That was so good!! The tone of your Ron Gibson is exquisite! The next time I pass by some cattle (which will be on Monday ) I know this song is going to pop into my head.

Helen Seiler
02/18/16 11:32:47PM @helen-seiler:

Thank you...Glad you liked it Greg and Bill.

Helen Seiler
02/18/16 11:31:45PM @helen-seiler:

Thanks Terry and Dan.

Greg Patterson
02/18/16 07:25:09PM @greg-patterson:

Nice. Helen!


Bill S
02/18/16 12:02:41PM @bill-s:

Lovely, Helen.  The cows are sleeping peacefully with your music.


02/18/16 11:56:02AM @dan:


Terry Wilson
02/16/16 09:00:32AM @terry-wilson:

Hi Helen, you played a very sweet song.  Your dulcimer sounds beautiful.   Of course, your playing helps out big time. 

Best regards,


PS:  Get well soon.