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Tight Belt Blues

Tight Belt Blues
Duration: 00:02:58
An original. CGc Ron Gibson 6 string Pecan and Walnut. A few good blues guitar players at our local folk group last night inspired this one.
Helen Seiler
05/28/16 08:27:21PM @helen-seiler:

Thanks Gerald, i am glad you enjoyed it. Sorry i took so long to respond to your 'Follower' request.i just did it now, h

05/27/16 08:51:50PM @gerald:

Good little riff in there....Always on the lookout for blues tunes on the dulcimer. Thanks for sharing.  Cheers!

Helen Seiler
03/04/16 02:56:29AM @helen-seiler:

Thanksheaps Lexie.

Lexie R Oakley
03/04/16 01:10:01AM @lexie-r-oakley:

Very fun tune Helen! Keep it coming!

Helen Seiler
03/02/16 06:02:57PM @helen-seiler:

Thanks very much Tom sun

Tom McDonald
03/02/16 03:15:09PM @tom-mcdonald:

Helen, that's really nice! I use that middle string riff out of the first fret, but I haven't tried it from the open position. I'll have to learn.

Helen Seiler
03/01/16 01:04:39AM @helen-seiler:

Thanks for watching Annie.

Annie Deeley
02/29/16 08:29:13PM @annie-deeley:

Helen! I knew this was one of yours by the title! Love your titles- and playing - and tunes - - -

Helen Seiler
02/29/16 03:48:32PM @helen-seiler:

Thank you Steve... yep its my favourite tee shirt

Steve Battarbee
02/28/16 04:01:39PM @steve-battarbee:

Well you've certainly got a good bluesy vibe going on there Helen. Goodstuff!

Like the Tee Shirt too!

Helen Seiler
02/28/16 12:57:01AM @helen-seiler:

Thank you Paul i have 4 or 5 of Ron's beautiful dulcimers. The two six strings are my favourites. They are sweet.

Helen Seiler
02/28/16 12:55:15AM @helen-seiler:

Thank u so much Pine.

Helen Seiler
02/28/16 12:54:42AM @helen-seiler:

Thank you very much Terry

paul buckner
02/27/16 04:48:01PM @paul-buckner:

love the sound of Ron Gibson's 6 strings! nice tune

02/27/16 01:45:57PM @pine:

Very nicely done Helen. Great tone but even nicer playing. Laid back and listener friendly!

Terry Wilson
02/27/16 01:42:21PM @terry-wilson:

That was nice Helen.   Good and peaceful listening misic.  

Thanks for  sharing. 


Helen Seiler
02/27/16 12:17:04PM @helen-seiler:

Thank u for watchin Monica and Gail

Helen Seiler
02/27/16 12:16:18PM @helen-seiler:

Gordon, draw string pants are a great idea!

Helen Seiler
02/27/16 12:15:27PM @helen-seiler:

Thanks Charles

Helen Seiler
02/27/16 12:14:55PM @helen-seiler:

Thanks Robin.. on looking at it again it is a bit sadder than i had intended.. i put that down to only just having recovered  from illness.. i need a haircut too.