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Pecan Dulcimer

Pecan Dulcimer
Duration: 00:02:09
Harrison Town on a Pecan topped dulcimer built by Ron Gibson... 6 string.. extra light strings. DAd
Helen Seiler
12/03/15 07:20:38PM @helen-seiler:

Thank you Ken my friend.. we are missing you. I hope you are still managing some music time... winter is tough on a lot of us. Plus having a good go at giving up the ciggies is a real tester for anyone.

Ken Backer
12/03/15 05:29:56PM @ken-backer:

Hi, Helen.. Im not hanging around FOTMD much at the moment, but dropped by to see what you are up to.  Nice dulcimer, nice playing!


Helen Seiler
12/01/15 02:30:48PM @helen-seiler:

Thanks Mary, they were lovely girls?.. hmmm a song idea... maybe.

Helen Seiler
11/30/15 04:05:40PM @helen-seiler:

Hi Colleen. Thank u...yes, i thought i had fox proofed their enclosure and they had been fine for 4 years... but foxes are also very determined hunters when it comes to chickens and ducks. The back yard seems pretty empty now. Not sure if i will try and reinforce my setup and try again.....maybe in a year or two.

Colleen Hailey
11/30/15 03:28:26PM @colleen-hailey:

Hi Helen,

Good to see the new pecan dulcimer.  I like the high sound. Sorry to hear about Rose and Betty.  Foxes are clever beasties.

Helen Seiler
11/30/15 02:53:59AM @helen-seiler:

Thanks Dusty...they did have a very hapy and good life. Glad you like the Pecan.. its been practically been glued to my lap since the fox raid. And playing has cheered me .. as you will see in my nxt video.

Dusty Turtle
11/30/15 02:37:00AM @dusty-turtle:

Helen, you must be the only dulcimer player who has ever apologized for her dulcimer being too loud!  

I'm sorry to hear about Rose and Betty. Comments about the circle of life would seem trite, I'm sure. But I'm also sure their lives were improved because of your care.  I hope playing your new dulci will help keep your spirits up.  That must be the only pecan dulcimer I've ever seen, and it sounds big and bright and beautiful.

Helen Seiler
11/30/15 02:13:13AM @helen-seiler:

Thank you for your kind words Robin, Gordon, Lexie and Kristi x

Kristi Keller
11/29/15 01:49:03PM @kristi-keller:

Helen, so sorry your Rose & Betty are gone. I also know how hard it is to loose pets.

I enjoyed hearing your new Ron Gibson in pecan (p'can or peaKan). We raised bobwhite quail to train bird dogs and Henrietta and Harmony were favorites. They spent a lot of time being retrieved and would scold Joy and Yankee after each time. Birds can be delightful.

Lexie R Oakley
11/29/15 12:59:06PM @lexie-r-oakley:

Helen, so sorry about your chicken friends, what a lovely tribute to them.

I am happy you got your beautiful dulcimer safely, it is a beauty and a very bright sound. I love the pecan.

Gordon Hardy
11/29/15 10:02:54AM @gordon-hardy:

Helen, beautiful looking dulcimer and a lovely bright sound. Keep playing the bright ones, they'll help to cheer you.


Robin Thompson
11/28/15 09:36:27PM @robin-thompson:

Helen, I'm very sorry about Rose & Betty.  Here at our home, animals are family members.  

Your dulcimer and the play of it are lovely.  As far as I know, this is the first time I've heard a dulcimer with a pecan top-- the sound is nice!