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Brown Shoe Blues

Brown Shoe Blues
Duration: 00:02:02
An original. A bit of fun after the sad day yest. DAd. Ron Gibson Pecan 6 string .
Helen Seiler
12/03/15 10:36:06PM @helen-seiler:

Awww thats so nice of you Mary. Yay, i am not alone in my whackiness.... there is much in life that i over think.. its a relief to be doing a bit less of that with my music. Ps. I did a video where my ensemble included pink and purple spotted flannel pyjama bottoms... your robe is gorgeous... you're a class act sing

Helen Seiler
12/03/15 07:16:57PM @helen-seiler:

Thanks heaps Ken.. i am gradually growing in confidence thanks to you.

Ken Backer
12/03/15 05:25:15PM @ken-backer:

I am so proud of you, Helen!! You have come a long ways in your playing and singing.  That was fantastic!  thumbsupclapperdancecool

Helen Seiler
12/03/15 12:31:52AM @helen-seiler:

Thanks heaps Christine! Look what you've gone and started...lol.....and thank goodness you did. Blues are a real buzzzz. hamster

Christine Shoemaker
12/02/15 09:58:17PM @christine-shoemaker:

Helen?  You don't need anyone else to make this work, it already does...you got this, girl!!!  I loved it!  thumbsup   

Helen Seiler
12/02/15 08:51:43PM @helen-seiler:

Thanks Terry.... sun

Terry Wilson
12/02/15 08:39:50PM @terry-wilson:

WOW!!!  Look at you.  I knew you could sing.  I especially enjoyed the cackle at the end.

Helen Seiler
12/02/15 05:44:25AM @helen-seiler:

Aww thanks Mary.. glad u enjoyed it.. i should have practised it more but thought 'just whack it up there Helen'.. i tend to need to keep things fun to stay motivated.. i have very little idea of what i am doing really, so as we say down here 'I just have a go' anyway.

John Keane
12/01/15 07:46:52PM @john-keane:

Helen Seiler:
Thank ya John! Your fun lyrics were a part of the inspiration to this one... or am i just trying to shift the blame  lol

LOL!  thumbsup

Helen Seiler
12/01/15 02:40:32PM @helen-seiler:

Thank Sam!

Helen Seiler
12/01/15 02:39:21PM @helen-seiler:

Aww thanks Lexie.. i really appreciate your kind words for my songs/tunes.

Helen Seiler
12/01/15 02:29:01PM @helen-seiler:

Thanks Robin.

Helen Seiler
12/01/15 02:28:29PM @helen-seiler:

Thank ya John! Your fun lyrics were a part of the inspiration to this one... or am i just trying to shift the blame  lol winky

John Keane
12/01/15 06:30:08AM @john-keane:

That's really neat!

Robin Thompson
11/30/15 10:54:48PM @robin-thompson:


Lexie R Oakley
11/30/15 06:35:44PM @lexie-r-oakley:

You are very CUTE Helen! Love your song and Smiley friend sang the blues with you, but "it's the Icy paws won't wear socks dirty cat blues!

Hope your are feeling better from your friend Smiley Dog n Lex.clapper

Helen Seiler
11/30/15 02:38:24PM @helen-seiler:

Gordon, you are so very right.. it is a wonderful site and crew that we have here. sun

Helen Seiler
11/30/15 02:36:48PM @helen-seiler:

Hi Anne... there's nothing like making a goose of myself with music to cheer me up.

Gordon Hardy
11/30/15 10:27:54AM @gordon-hardy:

What a lot of fun Helen!! What great gifts these dulcimers and FOTMD and the sharing are to all of us.

Anne Bowman
11/30/15 07:08:23AM @anne-bowman:

A bit of fun on the dulcimer can only be a good thing Helen..