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Everytime i See You

Everytime i See You
Duration: 00:01:51
Helen Seiler
12/24/15 09:42:11PM @helen-seiler:

Thanks Joy! Yep, we could start a fan club for Christine lol. A merry Christmas to you and your family. x

Joy W.
12/24/15 05:42:48PM @joy-w:

This is a great tune, Helen! Nicely written. I laughed out loud at your comment mentioning the "Shoemaker treatment" but having been a fan of Christine's for quite some time, I know exactly what you meant. Between the two of you, my newly developed love for dulcimer blues is well met.  Merry Christmas to both of you!

Helen Seiler
12/24/15 04:21:02PM @helen-seiler:

I am so glad you like it Christine and yes, please give it the full Shoemaker treatment, I'd love to see what you can do with it... hey, it might give me some ideas. I made up a simple little tune yest that has a very basic bass run in it cos i loved the bass run in 'Tahiti' (my song) so much. I have never tried that before so its a new skill i have picked up from you.. a long way to go with it but i might post it in the next few days anyway.  Its so great to be able to learn from you. Its Christmas day down here today, (International dateline puts us a day ahead of you) so am now off to feed a cpl of pets belonging to my friends in our local folk circle. Lots of goodies from Santa and in my family Christmas parcels but as i have lost 11 pounds so far, i am gonna take the fattenning ones to my art group to munch on. I have picked out a cpl of extra special items to eat today. Like you said, calories dont count on xmas day. Have a great day tmrrw. H

Christine Shoemaker
12/24/15 06:13:31AM @christine-shoemaker:

The damage I've done?  No, Helen.  All of that wonderful music is inside of YOU and it's been crying to get out (hence "the blues"  winky ).  I love this song!  Heck, I wasn't halfway through your video before I grabbed my dulcimer to attempt to play along!  If it's okay with you, I will work on it after the holidays to see if I can add anything complimentary to your song.  Not that you need anything else, you do not.  It's just a cool tune and I want to play too!  

Helen Seiler
12/23/15 07:37:17PM @helen-seiler:

An original tune for my little dog Murph. Full title is 'Every Time i See You I Smile'. CGcc Ron Gibson Pecan & Walnut 6 string with 1.5 fret.