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Silent Night

Silent Night
Duration: 00:01:24
Helen Seiler
01/02/16 02:22:34AM @helen-seiler:

Thank you Marg. This is a maple and cherry six string dulcimer by Ron Gibson. Its my sweetest sounding one.

01/02/16 01:02:19AM @marg:

Beautiful. What type of dulcimer is that, the sound is so lovely.

Kristi Keller
01/01/16 09:55:28AM @kristi-keller:

Helen, Thanks for a lovely Silent Night. It is New Years Day now. Splendid sunrise this 1st of 2016. May we all share peace, health and music.

Gail Webber
12/25/15 08:03:52PM @gail-webber:

Very nice, Helen.  I wish you a Merry Christmas and hope you have a great 2016!


Annie Deeley
12/25/15 04:21:40PM @annie-deeley:

Lovely,Helen, thank you! It's Christmas afternoon here now, dinner is cookingand little sparrows have been taking snowbaths outside the window. Peaceful...Peace and joy  to you!

Gordon Hardy
12/25/15 01:27:12PM @gordon-hardy:

Merry Christmas Helen!

Terry Wilson
12/25/15 12:42:34PM @terry-wilson:

Helen.  May you be blessed always.  For you sure do bless us.


Greg Patterson
12/25/15 12:37:05PM @greg-patterson:

Very nice, Helen, and sweet sounding dulcimer too. Marry Christmas!

12/25/15 08:29:32AM @dan:

And a most joyous Christmas to you Helen!

12/25/15 12:19:30AM @marg:

Merry Christmas

Robin Thompson
12/24/15 10:51:05PM @robin-thompson:

Just the perfect thing for me to see before heading to bed, Helen!  Thank you for the lovely tune and a blessed Christmas to you and the animals!