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Sleep on It and Think

Sleep on It and Think
Duration: 00:03:05
Helen Seiler
01/02/16 03:47:39PM @helen-seiler:

Thank you so much Lexie. Are you getting to play any music at all or is helping you Mom out a full time job?

Lexie R Oakley
01/02/16 01:33:24PM @lexie-r-oakley:

Nice story Helen, I love your creations and so enjoy seeing your smile. HUG

Helen Seiler
01/02/16 02:20:34AM @helen-seiler:

G'day Marg, thank you for having a look & listen to my clip. The shirt was part of a Christmas gift from my sister. All artwork is from a Calendar by an Australian artist whose name slips my mind.. i do draw and paint for pleasure and have progressed a little but am still pretty much a beginner. I find art goes well with music. This is my pecan topped six string by Ron Gibson.

01/02/16 12:56:08AM @marg:

I'm with John, we are checking out your shirt. Have you ever been to new orleans, that is where I am from. The tune is great and while I listened to you, I was also checking out the art on the walls, do you paint?

Happy New Year, love the sound of your dulcimer

Helen Seiler
01/01/16 11:29:04PM @helen-seiler:

Aint it a great feeling Mary?

Helen Seiler
01/01/16 02:20:00AM @helen-seiler:

Thanks for the reassurace Mary.. we are chronic cases aren't we lol. I was having a 3 day sabbatical from playing anything cos my brain was feeling a bit fried... then this song dropped in on day 2 when i was making a coffee. Music, lyrics, practice and recording took just over an hour... they dont come that easy too often.. glad i broke from my music break to catch this one. Have a wonderful New Year blossum.

Helen Seiler
01/01/16 02:14:14AM @helen-seiler:

Happy New Year to you too Annie! You are way more versatile than me with your tunings. I play a bit of noter drone too.. but have got a bit hooked on chords lately. I finally gave a capo on first fret (DAd) a real go today after watching Mark's latest video... i put together some 'interesting' results. Singing wise, I find "CGc works ok for me on some songs.. it sounds like we both sing low.

Annie Deeley
12/31/15 11:26:07PM @annie-deeley:

PS I play noter drone, BTW

Since my last note I decided to try the Dad world, for a change. Finally got going learning Old Joe Clark!

Annie Deeley
12/31/15 09:20:41PM @annie-deeley:

Helen, I play in DAA (Ionian) and DAC (Aeolian) on my current dulcimers. What I WANT is a dulcimer that plays happily in CGG (one step down from my usual) for easier singing! I love Ionian because lots of songs (as Strumelia points out in her blog) go below the starting note....which in Ionian is 3rd fret.

I guess to play with the likes of you, I better develop a little skill in Mixo! =:-D

Gotta' go play, haven't played today...Happy New Year to you! A.

Helen Seiler
12/31/15 06:56:30PM @helen-seiler:

Yep, Terry the sharks make us swim an write songs real fast... and a very Happy New Year to you buddy.

Terry Wilson
12/31/15 06:03:17PM @terry-wilson:

You are amazing Helen.  Must be something in the water "down under".

Happy new year!!!

Helen Seiler
12/31/15 04:34:02PM @helen-seiler:

Annie it will play in CGG, but i couldnt do much with that tuning (patience isnt a strong point with me). Do u play in that tuning?

Helen Seiler
12/31/15 04:31:07PM @helen-seiler:

Thanks very much Gail!

Gail Webber
12/31/15 03:46:42PM @gail-webber:

Good one, Helen.  I like the story and the tune!

Helen Seiler
12/31/15 12:32:50AM @helen-seiler:

Thank you Robin! I am still pretty nervous singing but what the hey, a girl's gotta try?  Ken gave a great example of how it should be done in the video he posted after mine. I did several takes and stuffed the lyrics differently each time.. gave up on getting them right in the end. It seems the challenge for me is not only to play and sing but to read and sing too.  lol.  Yep, you sure are right, Ron Gibson is at Marion. I've got a few of Ron's instruments.

Helen Seiler
12/31/15 12:23:49AM @helen-seiler:

Thanks Patty!

Robin Thompson
12/30/15 10:44:16PM @robin-thompson:

Helen, I love your song!

Your Ron Gibson instruments come from Marion, Ohio (I think).  Less than a couple hours away from here at my folks' place.  

Patty from Virginia
12/30/15 09:17:31PM @patty-from-virginia:

That's a good one!!! I like story songs too. 

Helen Seiler
12/30/15 05:56:21PM @helen-seiler:

Thanks for having a listen Annie, i am so glad u liked it. I've not tried CGG but i will give it a try today.

Annie Deeley
12/30/15 05:43:33PM @annie-deeley:

Another fun one, Helen! Good story indeed. Thanks. Will that dulcimer play in CGG?