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Pa Was a Builder

Pa Was a Builder
Duration: 00:04:37
Helen Seiler
01/10/16 10:23:21PM @helen-seiler:

Thanks so much Paul. sun

Paul Killian
01/10/16 07:42:12PM @paul-killian:

Neat. That was a fun song. I enjoyed your performance.

Helen Seiler
01/04/16 05:17:21AM @helen-seiler:

(Oops, i meant to say 'best thing since sliced bread')

Helen Seiler
01/04/16 05:16:06AM @helen-seiler:

Oh Terry! Thats terrible buddy..i am just wiping a few tears away now. doh I remember when we got our first one... even better than sliced bread to us girls but Dad preferred the view from the dunny (aussie term for outhouse). Trust an Australian to bring up toilet humour on here... sorry folks... it's a change from Spam humour.. but probably not for the better. sun

Helen Seiler
01/04/16 05:02:11AM @helen-seiler:

Thank you James sun

Terry Wilson
01/03/16 01:58:33PM @terry-wilson:


Our very large family didn't get indoor toilet until I was 13 years old.  And then daddy said he would whip us boys if he found out we used it.  Said it was just for him. Mother, sister, and aunt Evelyn.  Said us 6 boys didn't have enough sense to use it.

So we continued to use out house and pee wee out the window.

You crying yet Helen? 

James Phillips
01/03/16 11:02:07AM @james-phillips:

Very cute tune Helen!

Helen Seiler
01/02/16 11:23:39PM @helen-seiler:

Thanks so much Gordon...Happy New Year.

Gordon Hardy
01/02/16 05:39:06PM @gordon-hardy:

Helen, that is a fun, old timey sounding song, you did great! Thanks.

Helen Seiler
01/02/16 03:44:23PM @helen-seiler:

Thanks for watching Mark..you do waay more than build..you create. I love your dulcimers.

Helen Seiler
01/02/16 03:41:13PM @helen-seiler:

Thanks you Dusty, it was a bit long (and i dropped 2 verses). Glad you eenjoyed the 'seat' line. Its my favourite too. Luckily, over the years, no one in my family has decided to try electrical work. I wish i had inherited the biuilding gene. I had an aunt who did. My brother definitely didnt but he is good with a paintbrush.

Helen Seiler
01/02/16 03:33:45PM @helen-seiler:

Thanks Lexie, just a bit of silliness. But i am very proud of my Grandpa and Great Grandpa's work back in my home town. They built some fantastic pubs (hotel/bars).. each taking up half a street block , they are 2 story and massive with big verandahs right around them (porches).. interestingly they also did a few churches.

Helen Seiler
01/02/16 03:28:59PM @helen-seiler:

Hi Terry, this was just a bit of silliness for New Years day,,,no one went up in smoke, tho my dad did have an interesting approach to home repairs.

Mark Runge
01/02/16 03:27:49PM @mark-runge:

I love to build stuff, but I cannot figure out how to put new carpet on our cat's scratching post. I'm the best builder--in my own mind!

Thanks for sharing this. I know you were inspired, and now so am I. Maybe my wife will help me with my dad song?

Big smiles to you!

Dusty Turtle
01/02/16 03:18:45PM @dusty-turtle:

That's really sweet, Helen.  I think a lot of us have "handy man disease."


"To have a decent . . . seat!" Hilarious!ROTFL

Lexie R Oakley
01/02/16 01:20:00PM @lexie-r-oakley:

Nice Helen, I like the song about you Pa and Papa, their legacy.

Happy New Year!

Terry Wilson
01/02/16 11:54:07AM @terry-wilson:

What an interesting song, Helen.  You be special.

Helen Seiler
01/02/16 02:07:59AM @helen-seiler:

Only a very fine thread of truth in this story..i wanted to have some fun. My Grandpa and his Father were actually very good builders and they built a lot of large buildings in my home town. Dad's handyman skills were another matter altogether. I wanted to make this an ol' time song. DAd