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Buying a hourdrop

Posted: Wednesday August 13 2014, 10:54 AM
By: @David Lynch


Mary Ferguson Domec
07/13/14 10:52:51AM @mary-ferguson-domec:

Hi Karen, thanks for the request,happy to be friends with someone just beginng to learn. Looking forward to the journey.

Lynn McKee
07/06/14 03:13:38PM @lynn-mckee:

Thanks Karen! I'm eager to see everything this site has to offer - can't wait to learn more!

David Immel
06/08/14 07:38:22PM @david-immel:
Thank you so much for the welcome
Monty Bryant
05/28/14 10:11:25PM @monty-bryant:
Thanks for the warm welcome. I have been reading from this forum for two years. My play has advanced as a result. Just thought it was time to join in the sharing, promoting, and supporting other players.
John Astor
05/25/14 01:08:44PM @john-astor:

Thanks Karen, It's a pleasure to be here.

Sam Searls
05/24/14 09:13:32PM @sam-searls:

Karen Thanks for the welcome Sam

Stan Pope
05/20/14 10:49:33AM @stan-pope:

Karen - Thanks for the warm welcome


05/18/14 05:32:35PM @filipinouker:
Hi ya Karen! Thanks for commenting on my version of Oh Susannah! When I heard Jan Potts beautiful version, i fell in love with the tune and the way she played it - so i tried to learn it. Thanks again! Warm regards to you and the doggies
Anna Holt
05/16/14 07:19:31PM @anna-holt:

Karen, thanks for the welcome.

05/12/14 08:55:56PM @bobby-maxspop-bingham:

I'd like to play a banjo, but guitar is what I play first. Also just beginning the sweet song of the dulcimer! Ya'll have a great evening.

05/12/14 02:36:38PM @filipinouker:
Hi Karen! Thanks for being so friendly and encouraging!
05/05/14 04:40:54PM @filipinouker:
So kind of you to welcome me. Thank you!
Jay Waters
05/02/14 07:04:43AM @jay-waters:

Thanks, Karen. I'm hoping to find some folks in my area. We shall see.

Scotty Lee Shuffield
08/11/10 09:28:05PM @scotty-lee-shuffield:
Hey Karen - Welcome aboard! Look around and get involved with some of the discussion groups and you can learn a lot!Scooter
Bill Lewis
08/11/10 11:58:22AM @bill-lewis:
Welcome to FOTMD Karen, you are in the right place. Grin.gif
John Henry
08/11/10 11:19:34AM @john-henry:
Hello from the UK Karen. Not knowing much means that you will be able to soak up all that the splendid people on this site will feed you.EnjoyJohnH
08/11/10 11:13:34AM @strumelia:
Hi Karen, welcome. Not knowing much is often better than 'knowing everything'. lol!
Rod Westerfield
08/11/10 09:54:54AM @rod-westerfield:
welcome Karen glad ya joined the FOTMD family... 103.gif your almost in the neighborhood.