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away in a manger (British version) christmas lullaby carol.

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Duration: 00:00:40
played on my bird rock dulcimer Mcspadden 'ginger' tuned GDG. a bit brief but this was take 437(or at least thats what it felt like.....)
Marion Seaman
12/03/13 05:50:35PM @marion-seaman:
thank you carrie and helen, maybe the next video will stretch to a whole 40 seconds! i do wonder if i hold the record for the shortest video that took the longest to get there.........merry christmas, marion
Helen Seiler
12/03/13 04:57:03PM @helen-seiler:

Merry Christmas Marion. It was worth the first 437 nailed it. Lovely. (You beat my record of 436).Smile.gif

Marion Seaman
12/03/13 02:39:48PM @marion-seaman:
thanks Nila - glad u enjoyed it. and merry christmas to you.Marion
Marion Seaman
12/02/13 04:45:37AM @marion-seaman:
thanks dusty. and many thanks john. will try to post another next weekend but not making any promises! hope all is well with you and Mary. and time for you to post another!Marion
John Henry
12/02/13 03:24:06AM @john-henry:

Oh stop moaning Marion , I knew that you would be all right, and to read these lovely comments endorses what I have been saying all along ! 41.gif .

Hugs to you, and my regards to Robin


and what carol shall we hear from you next...............?

Dusty Turtle
12/02/13 02:46:31AM @dusty-turtle:

That's very pretty, Marion. Nice playing.

The American version of this song was written by James Murray and the English version,also known as "Cradle Song," was written by William Kirkpatrick, both in the late 19th century.

Marion Seaman
12/02/13 01:45:13AM @marion-seaman:
patty, karen, macy, james cheryl, benjamin, phil and folkfan - thanks for your kind comments. and phil thanks for the tab. I got a ukelele melody from which i had to fiddle from 'F' to 'd' (bit of a head-scratcher) so its slightly different. will try the tab you have provided to compare.thanks again, marion
12/01/13 11:30:49PM @phil:

James I haven't played it yet, But I think it's what your looking for.

12/01/13 09:27:54PM @folkfan:

Very, very pretty.

James Phillips
12/01/13 09:23:52PM @james-phillips:

Could someone point me in the right direction as far as a dulcimer tab of the British version of Away In A Manger, so I could give it a shot?

12/01/13 08:55:18PM @phil:

Beautifully done. Mary Christmas

Ben Barr Jr
12/01/13 08:49:26PM @benjamin-w-barr-jr:

nicely done...Christmas tree is a nice touch.


Cheryl Johnson
12/01/13 08:36:30PM @cheryl-johnson:

Beautiful!!! Merry Christmas to you!

James Phillips
12/01/13 07:01:52PM @james-phillips:

I love this British version of Away In A Manger - different melody then what we use here in America, but a good kind of different. Plus, I do like the Merry Christmas at the end :) Keep up the good work Marion!

Macy Jayne
12/01/13 06:47:43PM @macy-jayne:

Beautiful Marion, Merry Christmas to you tooSmile.gif

Karen Keane
12/01/13 06:42:30PM @karen-keane:
Beautiful Marion and Merry Christmas to you too!
Patty from Virginia
12/01/13 06:16:35PM @patty-from-virginia:

Merry Christmas to you too Marion. You did very well. Very pretty!!!

Marion Seaman
12/01/13 06:04:04PM @marion-seaman:
thanks John - glad u liked it. Inspired by John Henry's 'O come emmanuel' and you and karen's medley of pachabel and the first John henry has been nagging me for ages to post a video so here (at last) it is - so this one is for john H.and wishing a happy christmas season to all on FOTMD. Marion :o )
John Keane
12/01/13 05:21:00PM @john-keane:

Marion, that was lovely!