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My blue lion in DAD.
Marion Seaman
01/20/14 12:21:45PM @marion-seaman:
thanks mark glad you enjoyed it. christmas seems ages ago already!marion
Mark Runge
01/20/14 10:10:36AM @mark-runge:

So subtle. I'm having problems keeping my picking constant, so thank you for showing me an example to do so. Beautiful.

Big smiles to you.

Marion Seaman
01/02/14 02:48:32AM @marion-seaman:
thanks guy - glad you enjoyed it. will try to post another (less seasonal) number soon.Marion
Guy Babusek
01/02/14 12:41:09AM @guy-babusek:

That was really beautiful! Thank you.

Marion Seaman
12/29/13 03:05:12PM @marion-seaman:
thanks gkynda - happy new year,marion
Glynda Willis
12/29/13 02:22:11PM @glynda-willis:


Marion Seaman
12/27/13 04:28:56PM @marion-seaman:
sorry angela - film production is not my strong point! if i ever post another i will try to get both hands in the picture. glad you enjoyed it though happy new yearMarion
Marion Seaman
12/17/13 05:25:43PM @marion-seaman:
thanks karel and cynthia.karel: i think sehr schon giespilt this means pretty and gentle in english? that is what i was aiming for so I am pleased it comes over that wayjoyeaux noel!marion
Karel Votanek
12/17/13 03:19:18PM @karel-votanek:

Sehr schn gespielt1

Vielen Dank


cynthia copeland
12/16/13 11:21:00AM @cynthia-copeland:

Sweet. Lovely dulcimer from BL.

Marion Seaman
12/15/13 10:00:01PM @marion-seaman:
thanks gwyn and ben. glad you enjoyed it. happy christmas to you.marion
Ben Barr Jr
12/15/13 08:56:52PM @benjamin-w-barr-jr:

Really nice.Smile.gif

Gwyn Calvetti
12/15/13 08:05:00PM @gwyn-calvetti:

What a lovely rendition...visually and musically. Thanks for sharing it.

Marion Seaman
12/11/13 01:46:04PM @marion-seaman:
thanks john and its nice to hear from you - missed you at Launde this year. Perhaps you could put up a video here to compensate? hope all is well and merry christmas to you and yours.Marion
John Shaw
12/11/13 11:38:55AM @john-shaw:

Very nice, Marion! As one who has often urged you in the past to "bash it harder", I'd just like to say that I thought you played it very positively (and with a lot of feeling).

Marion Seaman
12/11/13 05:43:46AM @marion-seaman:
thanks Amanda. how is your progress with dulcimer coming along; will you be posting a video in the near future? hope its going well for youbest wishes marion
Amanda Needham
12/11/13 02:24:00AM @amanda-needham:


Marion Seaman
12/11/13 01:46:02AM @marion-seaman:
thanks Phil glad you enjoyed it. happy holidaysmarion
Mr. Phil Mcdaniel
12/11/13 12:56:15AM @mr-phil:


Marion Seaman
12/10/13 04:14:42PM @marion-seaman:
aha- it first appeared as3 empty boxes - now they are smiley faces! sorted.little miss fick (aka marion)