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The Splendid Shilling

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Duration: 00:01:31
""My take on this folk tune. Blue Lion in CGC. Zoom Q2HD recorder. My first go with the zoom - Christopher helped me edit in garage band.
Marion Seaman
03/07/14 03:41:47PM @marion-seaman:
thanks dusty. its a possum board my husband made for me :0)marion
Dusty Turtle
03/07/14 11:45:13AM @dusty-turtle:

Splendid indeed!

Are you using a possum board or does that Blue Lion have a false back?

Marion Seaman
02/28/14 12:40:03PM @marion-seaman:
thanks john. didnt know there were words to the splendid schilling. will work on the simple chord accompaniments though.marion
John W. McKinstry
02/28/14 09:50:59AM @john-w-mckinstry:

Hi Marion, I loved "The Splendid Schilling". It had a lightness and lilt to it that was enjoyable.

I'll bet you could sing it with a few simple chords like I did on my video.Smile.gif

Marion Seaman
02/21/14 02:20:19AM @marion-seaman:
Hi stephaniea most intriguing message............ :-0)Marion
Marion Seaman
02/20/14 06:48:03PM @marion-seaman:
thanks James glad you liked it. Mark gilston has a video of it here but if goes by a different title 'three seas captains' but he explains it appears in Playfords as the splendid shilling. it is an old english country dance tune. You can hear they are same tune but if you check out Mark's version its really interesting to hear the two totally different interpretations.Marion
James Phillips
02/20/14 05:37:28PM @james-phillips:

Great as always Marion. I'd never heard of this before, so thank you for introducing me to this song.

Marion Seaman
02/20/14 03:57:49PM @marion-seaman:
thanks peter!marion
Peter W.
02/20/14 12:11:37PM @peter-w:

Beautifully played, Marion! Smile.gif

Marion Seaman
02/20/14 11:14:23AM @marion-seaman:
thanks rob. sound is a bit dodgy - hopefully that will improve as i get the hang of the recording stuff.Marion
Rob N Lackey
02/20/14 07:48:10AM @rob-n-lackey:

That's beautiful, Marion: the tune, the instrument and your playing. Keep them coming.

Marion Seaman
02/19/14 02:29:22AM @marion-seaman:
thanks mary. I plugged the Q2 into my imac which put the icon up on the screen. i then opened garage band double clicked the clip i wnted on the q2 and dragged n dropped the clip i wanted into garage band. I have only done it once and that with christophers supervision. i have only had the imac for a few weeks and never used film or sound editing software. I have been using windows based computers since I cant rmember when (first used a desktop computer in 1980). we also fiddled around with imovie to cut the bit at the beginning where i am getting up to switch off and then sitting down again. all fascinating stuff. next time i do it i will notate the process and send it to you. but if you in 'windows' it might be quite different?marion
Marion Seaman
02/18/14 10:36:41AM @marion-seaman:
hi Lesleyif you 'comment' on a particular video you will then be included in the conversation stream on that video. you can post comments to group and indivuals pages too. its really just about what you are looking at on any one day that seems to prompt comments and emails. good luck with your dulcimer when it arrives.thanks you for your kind words on my musical effort! glad you enjoyed it.Marion
Marion Seaman
02/18/14 01:48:58AM @marion-seaman:
thanks john and Brian glad you enjoyed it. John I wished we lived the nearer - the west country is my favourite place. who knows - maybe when I retire?marion
Brian G.
02/17/14 07:59:56PM @brian-g:

Very nice Marion! Thank you for sharing this.

John Henry
02/17/14 06:30:41PM @john-henry:

Third time now , and enjoying it more each time ! Thanks for posting, wish you lived nearer, you could show me how to use all the magic tricks that are available !


Marion Seaman
02/17/14 01:14:25PM @marion-seaman:
thanks Val. glad you enjoyed it.Marion
02/17/14 10:04:06AM @macaodha:

Very very nice indeed.

Marion Seaman
02/17/14 01:55:10AM @marion-seaman:
thanks guys - had a spot of bother with the sound - it was too quiet when i listened to it on replay so christopher (my son) showed me how to to use garage band and turn the volume up! not sure what happened there but this recording and editing film stuff is going to be quite a steep learning curve i think..........:0)Marion
Guy Babusek
02/16/14 08:08:42PM @guy-babusek:
Very wonderful, Marion! Thank you so much for sharing that with all of us!!