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Location: Hearst, Ontario
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Marc Mathieu
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Posted a response to "Everything Dulcimer - Closing Down.":
"I just joined!  Glad that someone revived it again."
Marc Mathieu
@marc-mathieu • 2 months ago
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Marc Mathieu

Hallelujah (1984) — Probably Leonard Cohen’s most famous song.

Here's a performance of myself playing dulcimer & my brother on...
@Marc Mathieu 6 years ago - Comments: 12
Marc Mathieu

Greetings from Hearst, Ontario !

Hi to all from Hearst , Ontario - the Moose Capital of Canada. Vicky,...
@Marc Mathieu 9 years ago - Comments: 7

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End of Summer  (c)2004

End of Summer (c)2004

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