AnnMarie Beals Krause


Location: Lapeer, MI
Country: US

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Robin Thompson
09/23/10 06:40:20PM @robin-thompson:
Ann,It was fun to get to jam a bit with you-- wish Mark and I would've gotten to Harmony Harvest earlier so we could've jammed more!
Robin Thompson
07/03/10 05:01:33PM @robin-thompson:
Ann,I know you'll have fun at Evart-- hope the weather is good and your travels are safe!I know what you mean about the BD requiring time. My mountain dulcimers suffer from neglect sometimes because I'm sawing away. . .All reports from KMW indicate a good time was had by all. Mark and I may make our way to the Bluegrass State or Up North for a festival sometime.Will see you at Harmony Harvest here in our neck of the woods!Robin
Bill Lewis
06/30/10 11:04:46AM @bill-lewis:
Welcome to another Michigander to FOTMD AnnMarie. Grin.gif
Robin Thompson
06/29/10 04:46:51PM @robin-thompson:
Hey, AnnMarie--Hope you had a great time at KMW-- it was so good to meet you at Coshocton!
Rod Westerfield
06/29/10 01:23:53PM @rod-westerfield:
Welcome AnnMarie glad ya joined the FOMTD family Smile.gif
06/29/10 01:07:11PM @strumelia:
Hi AnnMarie, so nice to have you join!