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Happy Birthday to You

Happy Birthday to You

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Simple lil' ditty about a Birthday in DAA tuning. Traditional song in the key of D. The TAB is the "Cover Image" provided here. Enjoy, share, play, sing along like Marilyn Monroe if you wish. Thanks, - Tony
Bee Lick Farm
01/10/17 10:35:06AM @bee-lick-farm:

Indeed. As it well should be.

I enjoyed researching its roots and history.

I guess it shouldn't have surprised me that it comes from Kentucky. It is amazing to me, that so many things have origins in Kentucky. I never had a clue as to how influential the commonwealth really has been to so many facets of Americana.

Happy Birthday To You is the most recognized song in the English language. So many artists and authors, like Stephen Foster; he wrote the state songs for Kentucky and Florida, and the most popular song in America for 50 years... Bourbon, Kentucky long rifle, all sorts of things come from Kentucky. Pretty amazing place. And... really pretty too. I love it here.

Have a fantastic day Patty,

 - Tony

Patty from Virginia
01/10/17 10:06:02AM @patty-from-virginia:

I'm so glad this song is now public domain.

Bee Lick Farm
01/09/17 05:51:25PM @bee-lick-farm:

Thanks Norma Jean... err... I mean Steven!

Had a fun birthday, good times.

Steven Berger
01/09/17 05:28:22PM @steven-berger:

"Happy birthday, Mr. President..." Nice!



Bee Lick Farm
01/09/17 04:27:16PM @bee-lick-farm:

Cool, I'll fix it. Anything would sound better than a direct repeat, twice in a row there with the same phrase. Thanks Strumelia, you're the bestest forum Mum ever!

01/09/17 02:04:35PM @strumelia:

Hi Tony,  the first "To You" phrase notes should be D and C# ..and should be frets 3 and 2, not 4 and 3 like the second phrase.