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History of Songs (Old Time Music)

You have volunteered to become a "Gig Leader"Big step...You want to talk...
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Tinwhistle / penny whistles

Posted: Friday September 28 2018, 8:39 PM
By: @PapaSims

OLD TIME MUSIC...You're top ten.

Posted: Sunday May 8 2016, 10:41 PM
By: @Steven Berger

Low D Whistle

Posted: Sunday December 8 2013, 9:55 AM
By: @Strumelia

Mandolin with Dulcimers

Posted: Friday June 28 2013, 6:48 PM
By: @phil


Ken Hulme
05/20/13 04:11:23PM @ken-hulme:

Thanks for the support Bill. I'm"taking it under advisement" as they say. I won't be around for a few days or more, but will be back (don't say anything to anybody yet)...

Robin Thompson
11/17/12 01:55:29PM @robin-thompson:

Enjoy all the dulcimer playing days ahead, Bill! (Saw your posting in Mandy's thread about getting a job.Smile.gif)

RavenMadd Garcia
07/15/12 07:51:55PM @ravenmadd-garcia:

thanks Bill for the request ....have a wonderful evening

Bill Calhoun
06/02/12 09:53:19PM @bill-calhoun:

greetings from Elkins, WV good to meet you

Linda Jo brockinton
10/03/10 11:33:39PM @linda-jo-brockinton:
Hey Bill, I play a maple Mcspadden. Love the maple wood for it's sustain and Mcspaddes for their ease of play, perfect ntonation and rich mellow sound. Also play in CGC and use a 24 flat wound string to stop the zipping sound of the woundstring.
Dana R. McCall
09/19/10 10:51:26PM @dana-r-mccall:
Hey Bill how u doin? Are you going to get to go to KMW weekend in Jan.?
Mark Richmond
05/07/10 11:28:36PM @mark-richmond:
Hello Bill,Somehow the flood did not touch us but it did flood my neighbors house. It was really something to see. Checkout my facebook page for photos. I have never taken lessons from Stephen, yet, but I have attended his classes in other cities - Memphis and Central City, KY. He is a great teacher and cleanest player I have ever heard. Maybe one day I can find the time for some private lessons from him!
Allen Blair
04/22/10 09:33:09PM @allen-blair:
Much thanks my friend for your hospitality in Louisville on Tuesday! And pass along my regards to the society, and Russ. He indeed was a wealth of knowledge ... we could have driven for hours!!
Lorinda Jones
01/27/10 07:10:39AM @lorinda-jones:
Hi Bill, certainly glad to have another dulcimer friend.Lorinda
Heidi Muller
01/02/10 11:27:09AM @heidi-muller:
Hi Bill, I thought I sent you a comment but I think I sent it only to myself. I'm still figuring this thing out! Thanks for your note. We loved being with the Louisville club, too. Look forward to seeing everyone at OVG.
Molly McCormack
10/08/09 09:01:37PM @molly-mccormack:
Hi Bill, Thanks so much for mentioning this website. It is a little more managable for me than facebook. I can't keep up with that!Thanks for passing info on to Val, he friended me, yeah!
Molly McCormack
10/07/09 10:21:13PM @molly-mccormack:
Hi Bill, thanks for letting me know about this and adding me for a friend! I have to figure out how to add Val as a friend. Do I have to know his email address?
Bing Futch
09/07/09 08:41:29AM @bing-futch:
Thank you, Bill!
08/31/09 12:22:06PM @strumelia:
Bill said:"I yell out "Real men peddle"."Actually Bill, real peddlers peddle ...their wares. Real cyclists pedal. ;D LOL
08/31/09 12:20:18PM @strumelia:
Hi Bill, nah, I don't want clipless shoes/pedals. My diagonal 'PowerGrip' straps work great for me in every way- I can pull up on them while pedaling if I can wear my wamr insulated hiking boots with double heavy wool socks when I'm out for 3 hours at 30F degrees! :)
Claude Vue
08/31/09 07:25:32AM @claude-vue:
Hi BillParis is a amazing town full of beautiful monuments, with an "ambiance" very particular. It's perhaps because it was created along time ago (more than 2000 years ago) and expand since this time by the addition of many villages around who had kept their own character (Belleville, Clichy, Montmartre....).For me, I'm living near Rouen in Normandy, 140 kms west of Paris. Rouen is a gifted town full of history with a splendid gothic cathedral, a palace of Dukes of Normandy and old street with houses from the 15th century. It was called "the town with 100 steeples".The dulcimer came to me after a concert in 1973 by Mary Rhoads, an american girl living in France at this time. Later she went back home and live with the late John Pearse. She played mountain dulcimer, hammer dulcimer and autoharp and had a good voice. She made a record in France that I have worn out call "Special instrumental: le dulcimer".I play the old style with a noter and a homemade flatpick (made in a cheesebox call "Bleu de Bresse"). I don't play fingerpicking, I have the guitar for that style of playing.I'm pretty glad my grandson Antoine, 11 years old, told me recently to teach him dulcimer playing. He really love this instrument. He is a double bass pupil since 4 years, that makes a change for him.All the best.Claude
08/27/09 08:57:18PM @strumelia:
Hi Bill,Here are OUR BIKES. (I have two)My custom buttery yellow one is way more comfy, so I ride it almost all the time.
Bill Lewis
08/24/09 05:26:08AM @bill-lewis:
Good luck on your Hummingbird feeder. Try an extra sweet mix at first.Bill
08/20/09 01:25:11AM @teri-west:
Hi Bill, I found it on ED. I think Lisa Johnson pointed us to it. She is a noter/drone style player and I love the music she and her partner make mixing fiddle and dulcimer. I think it has real "old timey" sound to it. I lost my dad in 2004. Hope you guys are doing well! Teri