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03/21/17 08:50:08AM @billiesue:

I guess when people have common interests--- we get to know each other some.  She is President of DEFFA (DonEast Friends of the Folk Arts.)  She also held some beginner singing workshops at one of the events, which I enjoyed... plus the singing in rounds.    The NY festival sounds nice.  I haven't been to any yet, but hope to try the one in VT. or CT. , this year, since they are "close".  

Benjamin W Barr Jr
03/19/17 09:35:08PM @benjamin-w-barr-jr:

Hi Billie Sue, yeah I know Pam Weeks, well, slightly.  The only time that  I have ever seen her is at the Dulcimer Association of Albany (New York) at the dulcimer festival held in Latham.  She wasn't there this year though.  It was the first year that I had been to DAA in several years.  Ben

03/19/17 10:39:18AM @billiesue:

Hi Cynthia:  I also meant to thank you for the song tips...  take care, 

Rob N Lackey
03/18/17 03:44:56PM @rob-n-lackey:

Welcome, Billie Sue, to this little corner of dulcimer heaven.  Hope you enjoy it here.



Benjamin W Barr Jr
03/18/17 01:17:01PM @benjamin-w-barr-jr:

Hi Billie Sue, It's good to have another dulcimer player in the state!  I know of no get togethers with other dulcimer players around the state.  It would be good to assess how many there are and whereabouts in the state/region/area they are; I'm sure there's more than anybody knows.  Although, in my area (Katahdin region) there are not many more than me.  I have been tempted to try to get together those  who might be interested in learning.  I'm willing to travel a bit to meet other players.

As for Scarborough Fair, yeah that is a favorite but it did take me about two years to figure it out.  Ben

Ken Longfield
03/18/17 12:55:45PM @ken-longfield:

Welcome to FOTMD, Billiesue. It's good to have you aboard.


"The dulcimer sings a sweet song."

Jim Fawcett
03/18/17 12:50:59PM @jim-fawcett:

Hey Billiesue, welcome aboard. Glad ya found us.

Benjamin W Barr Jr
03/18/17 10:27:21AM @benjamin-w-barr-jr:

Hi Billie Sue, and welcome to the wonderful world of the Friends of the Mountain Dulcimer.  It's a good  place to come, spend some time, learn about the dulcimer, and to meet some good people.

I see you are in Portland, Maine; I'm up the road a spell in Millinocket.  


Cynthia Wigington
03/18/17 09:17:20AM @cynthia-wigington:

Greetings from Vermont Billiesue and welcome to the site. I also play in a ukulele group in Hanover, New Hampshire called The Upper Valley Uke Club in case you are ever in this area on a Monday night (varies which Mondays).  DAc to play Scarborough Fair. And with that tuning you can also play Wayfaring Stranger and Shady Grove - the 3 make a fun medley, or mashup as we ukers say. Have fun here, you'll find all the help you will need. Cynthia