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Aloha everyone!  Nice to be here on fotmd... I am VERY new to this instrument; was vacationing in Arkansas one month ago (May '16) and visited Mountain View. Wandered into The Dulcimer Shop - and you can guess what happened.  Fell in LOVE with the sound! Of course bought one.  Just to let you know how new I am to the dulcimer -- I had no idea the "ginger" dulcimer I picked up was not the 'standard' size!  lol... oh well :)  Haven't had too much time to settle in and "learn" with my chord book and the different learning materials I picked up, but have had my hands on the instrument every day, noodling around, getting comfortable.  I'm actually a singer-songwriter,  play acoustic guitar and lean toward pop/rock. The helpful woman at the DS suggested that I would like Bing Futch -- and yup, just my cup of tea!  Let's see, what else... I live in Naperville, IL and am originally from Hawaii.  Looking forward to learning and growing with this instrument, and being part of this online community!   Hugs, Kim-Char (aka Boo)

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I Control the Whether

I Control the Whether

7 years ago - Comments: 19


06/02/16 07:54:31PM @strumelia:

A warm welcome to you Boo, and may you make lots of new music friends here! sun

Ken Longfield
05/24/16 09:16:15PM @ken-longfield:

Welcome to FOTMD Boo. It's good to have you aboard.


"The dulcimer sings a sweet song."

Jim Fawcett
05/21/16 06:24:21AM @jim-fawcett:

Hey Boo, welcome aboard. Glad ya found us.

Ben Barr Jr
05/20/16 11:05:04PM @benjamin-w-barr-jr:

Hi boo, and welcome to the wonderful world of the Friends of the Mountain Dulcimer.  It's a good place to come, spend some time, learn about the dulcimer, and to meet some good people.


Rob N Lackey
05/20/16 10:17:06PM @rob-n-lackey:

Welcome, Boo, to this little corner of dulcimer heaven.  I'll bet 75% of the folks here here 1st heard/saw a dulcimer in Mt View.  Salty Dog is a great song. Hope you enjoy it here.