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Palestine, dogwoods, music and friends

Posted: Monday March 31 2014, 11:09 PM
By: @Carrie Barnes


12/06/17 05:23:06PM @strumelia:

Hi Carrie.... your email address for your site account settings no longer functions.  If you wish to remain a member you must update your account settings to a functional email address.  Please do so soon, before your account is deleted- thank you!  Please contact me if you need any help with this.  howdy

08/31/17 11:05:55AM @strumelia:

Hi Carrie,

Your membership account email address no longer is functional.  If you wish to remain a member you must update your account settings to a functional email address.  Please update your account to a working email address to keep your membership on Fotmd.  Thanks!

Helen Seiler
08/29/15 05:17:10PM @helen-seiler:

He there Carrie, sorry i have been out of caught up in the non musical world (eek!). How have you been blossum? Are you still playing banjo and dulcimer. How is your body treating you? I have finally had a chance to dive head first into the new site. I found the key to getting going on it n again is to make a comment on the drifting thread and then i started to feel part of things again. But u might be busy with other stuff. I am  still playing dulcimer plus learning banjo picking (open back), plus didge and trying to m improve my guitar playing cos its handy for joining in at the local folk group that meet twice a month here. I love my banjo.. have just learnt my first song... Skip to My Lou with what i think is caĺled a reverse roll picking pattern. As for life, well, its been 'interesting'. Do uou still get to play with John and Karen? Hope you are well. Helen xx

Jim Fawcett
06/16/15 09:00:02PM @jim-fawcett:

Glad to see you made the cyber space jump, Miss Tizzy.

Bill Ireland
10/26/14 09:30:05AM @bill-ireland:

Hi Carrie

Sorry for the delayed reply. Thanks. This is a wonderful place!


Cynthia Wigington
10/14/14 11:41:40PM @cynthia-wigington:

Yes! and thank you. I'll be walking with you through the next one...

10/09/14 01:44:34AM @marg:

Saw you wrote back in spring of '13

(Love the sound of the dulciborn, tempting doesn't cover it, LOL!)

That's been awhile, think you will ever get one. John Hawk &Frank Ledgerwood, both members of FOMD sell them. John has a video on Gold Tone's site & several playing with someone & Frank has several - 3

I'm thinking of getting one through Gold Tone, I e-mailed the company with a question andWayne Rogers, the owner replied.

They all are very very nice people & the instrument sounds like it would make angels smile.

Hope you are doing well, happy fall

Helen Seiler
08/08/14 08:08:43PM @helen-seiler:
G'day Carrie blossum. I am very jealous of your lovely pic with Don Pedi. You seem to encounter all my idols. I just finished my first quilt and have started my second, a large sampler with 12" blocks. I have warned my family they are all getting patchwork undies (panties, boxers) for Christmas this year. I wont have time this year, but I might just do it next year, just for a laugh. Yep, I have been a bit greedy this year instrument wise but one seems to lead to another. They all get played. I am starting to get the stroke thing happennjng on my Minstrel banjo. Had a break for two weeks with a bad dose of flu and things. The history of Minstrel banjos is sad but very interesting. We had an hour of snow last week. Quite unusual for Creswick. It was very pretty. The days are now getting a bit longer and spring isnt too far away. I am very excited about getting one of Jack's Scheitholdts. It will be great for my little gigs. I am so glad u have had a good bout of weather. But I know what you mean about the brown-off. We get the same here in mid summer. Still wish I could meet u all but me and travel just dont be a good combination anymore. Thank goodness for FOTMD. I try to send a contribution to show my appreciation for it a couple of times a year. I love watching the videos and especially love reports on festivals and gatherings like the one u did for the Dulcimer Divas. I am working on Whiskey Before Breakfast at the moment and have a few more lined up to try. On banjo I have nearly got my first tune Juba down and am also mucking around with Camptown Hornpipe. The first block on my sampler is simple pinwheel. I have designed this quilt myself and drew it up and coloured it all in. Something I never thought I would be able to do. I just need to figure out how to put pics on my site page. I just keep mucking it up. It was lovely to hear from you when u are so busy. Keep, plucking, strumming and stitch'n my friend. All the best. Helen.
Helen Seiler
07/31/14 02:58:20AM @helen-seiler:

G'day again Carrie, sorry, I was just about to reread your reply and I seem to have lost it. So I may repeat myself here. I hope you get good $$ for the Macs. After a lot of umming and ahhhing I eventually decided to get one of the three dulcimers on my wish list.....a mid sized Scheitholdt from Jack Ferguson. Was keen on a six string from Ron Gibson but just cant be sure my dodgy finger would cope.. I have chosen some lovely marbled cherry for the Scheitholdt and we are discussing cutouts etcby email each day. I think I am driving Jack mad, but he is being great about it. It will be a great addition to my little Mill gig cos I always tell people about the history of the md. My Minstrel banjo is going very slow, but the instructional dvd I ordered finally turned up today so I should start progressing better with that. I really need to see something to learn it. Just reading it doesn't work for me. I hope you are coping with the summer heat ok. I just loved the clip with Karen and John. You guys are so cool together. I hope the body is hanging in there and you are keeping busy. Cheers , Helen

Helen Seiler
07/29/14 06:39:37PM @helen-seiler:
Hey there again Carrie. I checked out the videos. The Macs are lovely but I think I am with u in preferring a deeper body md. Thats why I like Ron Gibson's instrument. Big body and big sound to match. I sat and had a long think last night about what I really want. It came down to a six string or a one of Jack Ferguson's mid size scheitholdts. I dont think my left hand is strong enough to fret a six string, so it looks like a scheitholdt, if Jack has one near ready. I have sent him a msge. I got to thinking about my regular Mill gig, and I am always telling folk who stop to ask what instrument I am playing about its German ancestor. So it seems like to actually be able to demonstrate one would be very cool. So it looks like I am eating beans for the next six months to pay for shipping lol. Oh yeah, my ancestors are German too, so its seems an extra right choice. Aaargh, do u want to buy my refrigerator before I attack it with a has a beeper that sounds if door is not shut properly but door is shut and it still beeping. Its like having a reversing truck in the kitchen.....oh well, if thats my biggest problem then life ain't too bad. Thanks for getting back to me. How goes the banjo? And isnt Dana a champion with her competition place.
Helen Seiler
07/29/14 03:59:45AM @helen-seiler:

G'day young Carrie, how are ya possum? Thanks for the reply to my earlier message, I too, don't get on here as much as I used to due to a few new commitments. Just a quick question Carrie, I recall reading a while back thatyou were thinking of selling some of your dulcimers so you could go Folkcraft like Karen and John. I am yet again putting myself in the poor house looking for another dulcimer and thought I check if you had anything pretty u were thinking of parting with. No worries if you aren't. Just checking my sweet.

06/30/14 05:02:59PM @sam:

Thank ya for th' hug Miss Carrie ... an' hug ya back, front, upside down. Very nice of you to say 'Howdy'.


Helen Seiler
06/11/14 05:59:11AM @helen-seiler:

Hey there Carrie, how are you going up there. I hope all is good with you and your family. How's the body treating you....better than usual I hope. Well after the winter you guys had I bet you're enjoying the warmer weather. We have just hit winter down here and although my area is considered one of the coldest in Oz, its pretty mild by US standards....just rain and frosts and if we get lucky a light dusting of snow one morning. My doggies are going to bed in their PJs with me at night.

How is your banjo going possum? Have you picked up a few more tunes on her? I surprised myself the other night and started fingerpicking on my baritone md. I find I can best manage it if I anchor my thumb to the side of the fretboard so that my first finger picks the melody string...from your videos that seems to be how you play (or do I have that wrong?). I will post a video of my first tentative venture into finger picking soon. I am currently playing a slow version of Happy Land that includes some picking patterns and brushes. Only thing I cant figure out is how I could do a pinch....or can I get away without pinches. I am finding that arrangement wise, less seem to be more. That simple notes with just an embellishment here and works best for me. I do love the sound of fingerpicking on a baritone. Just need to grow my nails a little bit. Brushing the strings with my fingers is fine but there are times I would like to put a little more emphasis on something, and a little nail actionmight help with that.

My Bell Minstrel Banjo is due for shipmentto me this week (finally). It got delayed when Terry Bell became quite ill and then there was a mix up....but hopefully this time she will head on down here. She's a Boucher reproduction but I got them to paint it the same dark honey colour of Lisa's Stichter. I am looking forward to learning how to frail. I have watched a few videos online of it. Oooh , nearly out of battery power on here, had better go. Happy strumming and plucking possum. Helen xx

05/19/14 05:04:54AM @filipinouker:

Thank you, Carrie, for watching my Oh Susanna video. I loved Jan Potts' version of it and was determined to learn it - but somehow, the result is different.

05/13/14 10:23:58AM @filipinouker:

Thank you, Carrie, for commenting on my "Wildwood Flower" video. It's so kind of you to listen and to praise me. Smile.gif

Berry Taft
04/18/14 04:48:47PM @berry-taft:
Thank you Carrie.
Julie Sturm
04/10/14 09:47:01AM @julie-sturm:
Thanks for the welcome. I'm enjoying the new world of dulcimer people - all so friendly!
Helen Seiler
04/02/14 05:37:24PM @helen-seiler:
G'day Carrie possum. I am glad you enjoyed the shirt. I got it off ebay in the US. My minstrel banjo has been delayed because the builder has been ill in hospital. I might have to hide the shirt once she arrives. Happy picking and strumming. H xx
03/26/14 09:08:02PM @bobby-maxspop-bingham:

Thank you Carrie. We lost Max last October and still miss him sorely. I am having Mike Clemmer build me an MD in honor of Max. He was really special to my wife and me.

Please keep sharing your beautiful music with us!

Helen Seiler
03/26/14 05:39:09PM @helen-seiler:
Hey Carrie, a big congrats on the upcoming gig. I might need to borrow your history notes later. Funnily another member of the market committee rang me last night. She had heard what had happened on the grapevine and rang to get the full story. I told her I didn't want a fuss, explained it all and told her I was making arrangements to play elsewhere. She said the decision on how many buskers was workable at the market was not his to make without consulting the full committee. She's gonna get back to me. But I think I I would rather the mill gig if I can get it. Yest I changed my business cards to my new act name, Mountain Music and after much agonizing, i removed the word 'amateur' from in front of 'musician'. My previous name was The Incidental Busker. I figure removing the word busker (a street performer) might command a tiny bit more respect. In the replies to my tale of woe was the great suggestion that if I didn't feel comfortable charging for a gig I should say 'i am prepared to waive my usual fee in the interest of local tourism'. I like that. I have audition for a regular nursing home free gig tomorrow, so better do a bit more practice today. See ya! xx