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cyndi spear-duncan
08/22/12 11:38:52PM @cyndi-spear-duncan:
Its really saying that I lack tech skills
Dusty Turtle
08/19/12 10:41:51PM @dusty-turtle:

I think you mistitled this video. It should, as all beginners know, be 2-0-1-0-2-0-1-0-2-4-5-4.

cyndi spear-duncan
08/19/12 09:43:02PM @cyndi-spear-duncan:
Thanks, Gayle are you familiar with Don's work? He can do some amazing detailing.
Gayle Maurer
08/15/12 07:29:58PM @gayle-maurer:

It's amazing that something that small would carry a tune so well. Love it!

cyndi spear-duncan
08/12/12 08:22:00PM @cyndi-spear-duncan:
I have carried it in my purse!
08/12/12 05:59:31PM @folkfan:

Now that's a dulcimer I'd take on a plane. It would fit in my purse and easily then store under a seat.

Dusty Turtle
08/12/12 05:54:29PM @dusty-turtle:

Very cool!

cyndi spear-duncan
08/11/12 08:33:02PM @cyndi-spear-duncan:
No...I could not make this beautiful Baby. Don Neuhauser is a very talented luthier in my area of the world. It is very detailed. Hummingbird sound holes abalone fret markers and babinga wood.
Cheryl Johnson
08/11/12 10:00:42AM @cheryl-johnson:
Woooo a widdle biddy one! Did you make this? What do you call it?
Patty from Virginia
08/11/12 09:56:03AM @patty-from-virginia:

That is so cool. I like the sound too. I didn't know they could be made that small. Did you make this yourself?

08/11/12 07:06:32AM @sam:

Well iddin that juss precious??? Very neat Cindi.

cyndi spear-duncan
08/10/12 10:08:53PM @cyndi-spear-duncan:
Thanks all
Dana R. McCall
08/10/12 10:02:58PM @dana-r-mccall:

Really cute!

cyndi spear-duncan
08/10/12 09:51:35PM @cyndi-spear-duncan:
Its a Little Dulcimer made by Don Neuhauser. Its just 12 inches long. I usually play it on a portable desk where it doesn't slip. I couldn't get to it. I didn't think it would slip on the rubber mat
08/10/12 09:40:00PM @phil:

I Love it sounds like a little music box.

Robin Thompson
08/10/12 09:34:31PM @robin-thompson:
Way to go! What is that little critter, Cindi?
08/10/12 09:33:36PM @folkfan:

Need to glue it to the table to keep from slipping. Cute little thing

John Keane
08/10/12 09:32:23PM @john-keane:
That's just plain cool!
Dan Goad
08/10/12 09:30:10PM @dan-goad:

Awesome, Cindi. That sure is a cute little feller.