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Peninsula Dulcimer Circle

Just a heads-up so mark your calendars. Dusty Collins & I will...
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Arlene Mikelsons
03/22/16 09:18:49PM @arlene-mikelsons:

Not many dulcimer players where I am - way out on the Olympic Peninsula.   Welcome! 

Caleb Dan Bennett
09/28/13 04:01:20PM @caleb-dan-bennett:

Hi David, I live in Kent, WA and was wondering if you knew of any groups near here? I am a beginner and looking for people to learn from and play with. Maybe get a group started.

Butch Ross
09/28/11 11:42:12AM @butch-ross:
yes, a to F# d to A. I personally prefer E-G#-B for the string tension, but that puts it in the key of A which is waaaaay out of my range.
Melissa PNW
04/29/11 09:18:32PM @melissa-pnw:
Hi! I didn't know that there were other MD players in Tacoma! Do you play with any local jams or sessions?
Arlene Mikelsons
03/24/11 09:29:50PM @arlene-mikelsons:
Looks like there are quite a few dulcimer players in WA. I am way up in Port Angeles.
03/23/11 10:20:43PM @strumelia:

Hi David,

To answer your question about the tab from a songbook with Farina's song- no, it would be under copyright, thus you could not scan the tab form the book and then post it here.


Virginia Oman
03/22/11 10:38:21AM @virginia-oman:
Hi David. Very sorry to hear about ForrestFrown.gif (what a great name). I just had to put down my Yorkshire Terrier, Emily. She was 15. We did everything together...mountain climbing, motorcycling, kayaking..you name it. Very hard loss. So do you belong to a local dulcimer group up there?
Jim Fawcett
03/20/11 02:15:06PM @jim-fawcett:
Hey David, welcome aboard. Glad ya found us.
Bill Lewis
03/20/11 01:31:37PM @bill-lewis:

Welcome to FOTMD David, glad ya found us. Grin.gif

Dulcimer Diva
03/20/11 01:10:50PM @dulcimer-diva:

Welcome to FOTMD David. Glad that you decided to join usGrin.gif

Randall McKinnon
03/20/11 12:01:22PM @randall-mckinnon:
Hello David and welcome to FOTMD. Sounds like you may have been at this dulcimer stuff for a while. This is a great site with lots of fun folks to help you continue on that journey. Glad you are here!!!
John Keane
03/20/11 09:32:51AM @john-keane:
Hi & welcome to FOTMD! It's nice to have you here!