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Elizabeth DiPietri
06/20/13 05:36:19PM @elizabeth-dipietri:

Don - Just looked at the calender. 2 weeks from today is the 4th of July. Grin.gifDo you want to change days for your lesson?

Beverly Robbins
05/28/13 02:49:49PM @beverly-robbins:

Hi Don,

I just (accidentally) came across this website while searching for something(?) yesterday evening. I know Elizabeth from when I was involved in organizing Autumn Acoustics Music Festival that we held at Jefferson College for years. She use to attend our festival. I also had Stephen Seifert here at my house one time for a private small group lesson for teachers and Elizabeth attended. She's a neat lady and a good teacher, I am glad you found her for lessons.There aren't many of us teaching in our area. I have had a couple of students that traveled from as far asFarmington to my house for awhile. We used to have a monthly organized jam here in Desoto, MO but we stopped it last year due to lack of attendance. There may be a new one pulling together soon at Desoto Community Center. If it takes off, I can let you know about it.

Stephen J. Musial
06/12/12 06:58:47AM @stephen-j-musial:

Thanks for the welcome. I'm still "dulcimerless" and am debating between building one and buying one.

05/22/12 11:03:38AM @phil:

Thanks for the link Don Just gave it a quick glance I like what I seen heading back to give it a good look over now.

Sandy Osborne
05/20/12 06:08:43PM @sandy-osborne:

Thanks Don, I'll certainly try to get in touch with her. It might be a really good thing for some of us in Carthage to join.Smile.gif

Sandy Osborne
05/16/12 08:45:45PM @sandy-osborne:

Don, thanks so much! I have been out to Red Oak a couple of times and found it very fun! I hope to be coming more often as I have been recovering from surgerySmile.gif. I will look you up!

Elizabeth DiPietri
02/24/12 12:52:44AM @elizabeth-dipietri:
We are about 6 miles from Richwoods. And most days I am home. When you have some time, see if we are here and you would be welcome.
Elizabeth DiPietri
02/23/12 01:52:34AM @elizabeth-dipietri:

Hi Don Welcome to the FOTMD.

to answer your questions. Yes, I keep active with my dulcimer. It is so relaxing and the music seems to fit in out here in the woods. Our Spring get together will happen - but I don't know when exactly. My nephew decided to have his wedding on the weekend we usually have it - so we are trying to pick another time. But hey - you don't have to wait for something like that. Dulcimer players are always welcome here!Grin.gif

Benjamin W Barr Jr
02/10/12 07:56:10AM @benjamin-w-barr-jr:

Hi Don, Yes, that would be who I had seen and welcomed a short while ago. I would say that with a name like that, there is a very good chance that you two would be related. Another thing that I do is genealogy work, as I am searching my own family out--been doing that for 20 years now. Hope that you find this site to be a good place to come.


John Keane
02/10/12 05:49:05AM @john-keane:

Karen and I are pretty big fans of McSpadden...just great instruments. The Gingers are really great sounding instruments for the size. You won't be disappointed Smile.gif.

02/09/12 10:19:30PM @phil:

Hi Donald welcome to FOTMD.

John Keane
02/09/12 07:10:39PM @john-keane:

Howdy and welcome to FOTMD!

Karen Keane
02/09/12 06:16:56PM @karen-keane:

Hey Donald and welcome to the site. This is a great place to listen to music and share ideas. I hope you enjoy!

Jim Fawcett
02/09/12 05:59:58PM @jim-fawcett:

Hey Donald, welcome aboard. Glad ya found us.

Benjamin W Barr Jr
02/09/12 04:27:08PM @benjamin-w-barr-jr:

Hi Donald, and welcome to FOTMD. It's a pretty good place to come, spend some time and to get a chance to learn about the dulcimer while meeting some good people. I'm not sure, by I think there was someone else that joined recently with the same last name.