Dulcimer Making

Dulcimer Making

A group for those making dulcimers or interested in dulcimer making.

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Jimmy Lamar

Let’s Discuss Volume

@Jimmy Lamar started 4 days ago - replies: 14
Jimmy Lamar

Tennessee Music Box Plans?

@Jimmy Lamar started yesterday - replies: 3

Non-toxic Finishes for dulcimers?

@haleymuse started one month ago - replies: 8
Ken Hulme

Home-Made Peg Shaper

@Ken Hulme started 5 months ago - replies: 1
Glenda  Hubbard

Traditional Friction Tuners

@Glenda Hubbard started 3 weeks ago - replies: 15
Bill Robison

optimum wood thickness

@Bill Robison started 4 weeks ago - replies: 3

Suggestions for fixing a fretboard

@haleymuse started 2 months ago - replies: 11

Dulcimer nut and bridge

@haleymuse started 3 months ago - replies: 5

Question about making dulcimer soundboard

@haleymuse started 3 months ago - replies: 12
Robin Clark

Student Dulcimers - Lots of them!!!!

@Robin Clark started last year - replies: 11

Making dulcimer end blocks

@haleymuse started 4 months ago - replies: 10
Sheryl St. Clare

Finishing Question

@Sheryl St. Clare started 5 months ago - replies: 6

Where to buy wood for building dulcimers?

@haleymuse started 6 months ago - replies: 8


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