First time builder

Tim Good Man
01/23/17 11:32:50AM

Hi all,

Picking trees from wood lot, cutting some boards, waxing and drying.

in the mean time I want to get a handle on the build. Particularly the head and tail stock and stringing. (3 vs 4 strings, etc) I am a wood carver so feel pretty comfortable with the rest of the build. 

I would like to find a good set of plans to work from. From these plans I would have a benchmark. Any changes I may make would be dated and anotated on the plans. All future builds could be referenced to prior builds, taking the better from each as time goes on.

So, can any body suggest a full scale set of good plans to start from? I did find the book CONSTRUCTING THE MOUNTAIN DULCIMER by Dean Kimball for $10 on Ebay. I heard its good. There are some plans out there from different vendors, but I hear some not so good.

Can anybody suggest some good basic plans to start from?

thank all and a good day,

Tim Good Man

Geneva, NY

Finger Lakes Region