Pre-made Fretboards?

01/03/14 05:33:44PM

So, I am in the early /preliminary stages of building a new dulcimer, (the wood is being shipped as we speak, yay! ), and I have several exact templates I got on line for both a 24 and 25 inch fret/fingerboard (sans the 6 1/2 fret) I am attaching the 25" pattern. 25d%20fretboard.pdf

But, I am a bit apprehensive about messing up the frets, as this would ruin any otherwise well-crafted piece. Is there any place where a quality fretboard, already marked and cut for frets, can be had? Ideally, it would be just 1/4 or so thick so it could be mounted on a fretboard base.

Thanks for any leads.