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Location: Llandrindod Wells
Country: Wales

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Patty from Virginia
07/26/13 09:40:16AM @patty-from-virginia:

Duncan, that's excellent!!! I did try to listen to this a few days ago but the sound just seemed to be far away. I found out I had a problem with my head phones. I'm glad I figured out so I could come back to listen. You did a wonderful job41.gif . Thanks for sharing this with us!

Duncan Gibbs
07/25/13 04:43:56AM @duncan-gibbs:

Thank you Robin.

The sound this dulcimer gives (with 6 strings) actually makes it unsuitable for a lot of things, but I find that a particular sound, or the way an instrument plays, encourages experimentation.This oneseems to work best where the bass drones most of the time with minimal chords.

Robin Clark
07/24/13 08:48:46AM @robin-clark:

That's a lovely sound Duncan - just wonderful. The timbre fits the song perfectly (but I guess you know that Grin.gif ). I love the harmony singing against the dulcimer melody line. You always surprise with different and unique approaches to the instrument 113.gif

James Phillips
07/20/13 06:25:50PM @james-phillips:


Ken Hulme
07/20/13 12:00:21PM @ken-hulme:

Ah, there we go. Got my computer back from the doctor, and everythig is hunky and dory. Nice sound and nice playing Duncan. That octave couplets setup really gives you almost a bouzouki depth of sound.

Guy Babusek
07/20/13 11:09:33AM @guy-babusek:

That is so good, Duncan! Great tune and you perform it very well.

Cheryl Johnson
07/20/13 08:16:32AM @cheryl-johnson:

Great sound from your dulcimer....wow! Enjoyed your singing as well.

John Keane
07/20/13 07:36:38AM @john-keane:

Duncan, that dulcimer sounds outrageously good tuned like that! 113.gif

Ken Hulme
07/20/13 07:01:08AM @ken-hulme:

Don't know if I'm doing somethign wrong, but I don't see any picture or a "Play" link to click. Maybe it's this borrowed computer...

Ken Hulme
07/20/13 06:58:46AM @ken-hulme:

Three octave courses. Very nice. And unique. Most who play a six string onlu octave tune the bass course. Changing strings and tunings, however should never cause any damage, as long as the gauge, VSL and tuned note string tension are taken into account by using a string gauge calculator like the one at www.strothers.com

Duncan Gibbs
07/20/13 06:08:47AM @duncan-gibbs:

I wanted to try out different string gauges and tunings but without damaging my existing instruments, so I built my first dulcimer (from a slightly modified kit) which I've just finished.

I've given it 6 strings tuned Ee Bb Bb, that's not B flat! but 3 pairs of strings tuned an octave apart which makes it quite difficult to fret cleanly.

Here's a couple of verses of a song from the Copper Family song book to demonstrate.