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Location: Northern California
Country: USA

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@Gregg Schneeman, 09/03/18 05:42:53PM


Hi Dusty, yes I just got back from visiting the Ruggs and Peter Tommerup for the first time in 30 years! Living in Washington and L.A. and working for Mickie Zekely in Mendocino are all Hwy 5 trips so haven't been near Felton in years! Mike Rugg is going blind and is having financial troubles keeping the Big Foot Museum open though it had quite a few visitors while I was there. I hope to come visit you one of these days when its convenient for you, lets keep in touch. I wanted to ask you if there is a Hammer Dulcimer version of FOTMD? Or Autoharp? If there is I haven't found it. GREGG
@GLS, 07/12/18 02:02:45PM


Hi, I am a total beginner, however many years ago I played fiddle mostly
walzes and your Blawk Hawk/Westphallia combo was just sooooo wonderful. I was also amazed at how your hands worked the strings so effortlessly with economy
of movement. This speaks to me as some important underlining techniques I need
to learn about from square one. DO you have any recommendations for beginners
on techniques not just songs? GLS Georgia
@Aaron O'Rourke, 01/20/16 04:23:59PM


Hey Dusty. Just dropping by to listen to some of your sound clips and video. You make my old dulcimer sound great! Hope you're doing well.
@Mark Runge, 01/02/16 06:35:40PM


Thank you for all of your kind words and support. It is folks like you that give FOTMD a good name! Really big smiles to you!