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Lincoln and Liberty Too

Artist: Dusty Turtle
Genre: Folk & Singer-Songwriter
Duration: 00:02:43

The traditional Irish fiddle tune Rosin the Beau was used as the melody for many American songs, including this campaign song for Abraham Lincoln. The dulcimer is a Blue Lion IC, whose back you see in the picture.I recorded this a few years ago, but posted it now for . . . well, let's just say I have my reasons. :-)

Dusty Turtle
01/30/17 01:40:06PM @dusty-turtle:

Hey Jenniferc,

The melody for Rosin the Beau was used as an abolitionist tune called Roll On Liberty Ball, a campaign song for Lincoln, and also the song about settlement in the Pacific Northwest called Acres and Acres of Clams.  There are probably a few other tunes as well.

01/30/17 01:16:57PM @jenniferc:

Lovely!  I hadn't known this was used as a campaign song for Lincoln.  Thank you for that bit of history!

Dusty Turtle
01/26/17 11:24:41PM @dusty-turtle:

Thanks, Monica, and Steven!  This was the first tune I ever learned on the dulcimer.  I learned it from Bing Futch's video, but that was before I even had a dulcimer of my own. When I finally bought a dulcimer, I was able to play much of this tune (not all that well, of course) just from memory, having watched that video so obsessively.

Steven Berger
01/26/17 10:01:20AM @steven-berger:

This brings back some fond memories! Thanks, Dusty!



01/26/17 06:01:41AM @monica:

Nice version of that tune! Dusty !