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Flow Gently, Sweet Afton

Artist: Dusty T.
Genre: Folk & Singer-Songwriter
Duration: 00:02:47

This melody was written by Jonathan E. Spilman in 1837 to accompany the Robert Burns poem of 1791. I am playing a mountain dulcimer made by Terry McCafferty of cherry and redwood and tuned DAd. I play the song twice in D and then modulate to G.

Dusty Turtle
07/14/20 10:21:20AM @dusty-turtle:

Thanks so much, @Robin-Thompson and @Ariane.  I appreciate your comments.

07/14/20 03:59:00AM @ariane:

Very beautifully played, Dusty dulcimer

Robin Thompson
07/09/20 04:31:54PM @robin-thompson:

So pretty, Dusty.  

On a related note (to your last comment), I've heard Don Pedi speak of just getting out of the way of the tune. 

Dusty Turtle
07/09/20 03:07:09PM @dusty-turtle:

That's very kind of you to say, @Steven-Berger. One aspect of maturing as a musician is learning what one's boundaries are.  I rarely record (and certainly never share) material beyond what I can handle.  So I stick with simple but pretty tunes, I play a beautiful-sounding instrument, and I just try to stay out of the way.

Steven Berger
07/09/20 01:59:14PM @steven-berger:

Very nice, Dusty! I don.t believe there's anything I've heard you play that I haven't liked! thumbsup

Dusty Turtle
07/09/20 12:19:52PM @dusty-turtle:

Thanks, @Hobbyhorse!  It's a pretty tune; hopefully I didn't mess it up too much.

07/09/20 01:54:05AM @hobbyhorse:

Thanks for that Dusty .... I enjoyed it very much.