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Booth Shot Lincoln

Artist: Dusty Turtle
Genre: Booth Shot Lincoln
Duration: 00:02:06

A simple arrangement of Booth Shot Lincoln that I pilfered from listening to Bing Futch. I am playing a lacewood Modern Mountain Dulcimer tuned DAd but with a capo on the fourth fret, putting me in the key of A.

Dusty Turtle
12/19/15 02:15:07PM @dusty-turtle:

David Pedersen:
Thanks for the tab Dusty, just back to it now.

You're welcome, David. Remember that the tab represents basically how I play the tune the first time through. After that the left hand stays the same but my right hand gets a lot more active.  Don't let that confuse you.

David Pedersen
12/19/15 12:54:47PM @david-pedersen:

Thanks for the tab Dusty, just back to it now.

Dusty Turtle
10/24/15 09:56:36PM @dusty-turtle:

Thanks, Paul.

Paul Killian
10/24/15 09:40:00PM @paul-killian:

A new song to me. I love our playing. Thanks for posting.

Dusty Turtle
09/30/15 12:11:36PM @dusty-turtle:

Thanks, John P.  I agree, the song is completely different at this speed and stripped down to the essentials.  I got this from a Bing Futch instructional video on transposing the I IV and V chords. At the very beginning he plays this tune.  I thought it was beautiful and started working on it right away.

john p
09/30/15 08:10:22AM @john-p:

Beautiful Dusty, never heard it played at that speed - a whole new prospect.

It's often played much faster and doubled up with something like Hardiman the Fiddler.


Bob Davidson
09/23/15 04:06:42PM @bob-davidson:


I'm still out here, I just don't get to be on as much as I would like.


Dusty Turtle
09/22/15 01:09:53AM @dusty-turtle:

David, I learned this tune by ear from watching a video by Bing Futch.  After hearing me play it, my local dulcimer group requested some tab, so I put some together, which you can find here .


That tab represents the way I play the song the first time through. But the second and third times I do a lot more with my right hand, something harder to capture in tab. To make the tab work, you have to do a fair amount of hammer-ons and pull-offs. Let me know if you have any questions. And remember that although I wrote the tab to be played on a standard dulcimer down by the nut, in the recording I am playing with a capo on the fourth fret.

David Pedersen
09/22/15 12:40:05AM @david-pedersen:

Dusty, that is so beautiful.  Can you show your tab?  Dave


Dusty Turtle
09/19/15 11:06:37PM @dusty-turtle:

I'm glad you like it, Patty. Thanks for listening.

Patty from Virginia
09/19/15 10:43:10PM @patty-from-virginia:

That is nice! Another addition to one of my play lists. 

Dusty Turtle
09/18/15 11:49:42PM @dusty-turtle:

Thank you kindly, Charles.

Charles Thomas
09/18/15 11:10:54PM @charles-thomas:

Dusty, you let the music speak!! 

Dusty Turtle
09/18/15 06:19:48PM @dusty-turtle:

Robin, Bob, and Lexie, thanks for listening and taking the time to comment.

Lexie R Oakley
09/18/15 11:12:00AM @lexie-r-oakley:

Really pretty tune, nicely played Dusty.

Bob Reinsel
09/18/15 10:09:33AM @bob-reinsel:

Dusty well done.  I don't think I've ever heard this tune before.

Robin Clark
09/18/15 06:34:55AM @robin-clark:

That's a really lovely piece Dusty - a beautiful arrangement beautifully played!

Dusty Turtle
09/17/15 09:25:25PM @dusty-turtle:

Thanks so much, Gail.

Gail Webber
09/17/15 08:41:47PM @gail-webber:

Sounds great, Dusty!


Dusty Turtle
09/17/15 05:26:27PM @dusty-turtle:

Thanks, Helen and Strumelia. I appreciate your comments.

I now hear that I played the tune in the form of AAB instead of AABB.  Oh well!  The rules in folk music were meant to be ignored, right?