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Smiley Kylie - first draft

Artist: Elvensong - Dean Robinson
Genre: Instrumental
Duration: 00:02:42

A song I'm writing for my youngest daughter. She's one of those people that lights up a room when she enters. What a beautiful smile!

05/28/18 11:47:00AM @elvensong:

Robin Thompson:

Dean, your tune is as lovely as the child who inspired it! 

Awww thank you Robin!

Robin Thompson
05/28/18 10:30:25AM @robin-thompson:

Dean, your tune is as lovely as the child who inspired it! 

05/21/18 02:00:09PM @elvensong:

Janene Millen:

beautiful.. fairy dust

Sweet! No better compliment than that! Fairies live at our home, we have fairies all over the place:



05/21/18 01:49:21PM @elvensong:


Hope this helps!

Thank you so much! hi5

Janene Millen
05/21/18 11:40:09AM @janene-millen:

beautiful.. fairy dust

05/21/18 09:06:42AM @strumelia:

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Hope this helps!

05/21/18 03:29:59AM @ariane:

@Dean - Kylie (and Cerise) must be very proud of their loving father -and very touched by "their" songs you composed and played so beautifully. This is another musical jewel from you! sun

05/21/18 01:28:40AM @elvensong:

Thank you so much @dusty-turtle, @greg-gunner, @cindy-stammich

I let her choose the title too!

Dusty Turtle
05/20/18 11:15:14PM @dusty-turtle:

Very pretty playing.

05/20/18 06:50:30PM @greg-gunner:

Your daughter is beautiful, and she now has a beautiful song named after her.  What a wonderful tribute from father to daughter.

Cindy Stammich
05/20/18 06:24:45PM @cindy-stammich:

WOW!!!  Not sure what else to say!!! 

Your daughter is beautiful!

Smiley Kylie is beautiful!

Draft 1???  Not sure how you could make it any better!