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Wayfaring Stranger

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Duration: 00:04:48
I love the mixture of challenge and joy in this traditional song
Erin Hussey
11/19/16 08:41:33AM @erin-hussey:

Thank you Irene - what a lovely comment. I am honored.

11/16/16 12:03:33AM @irene:

One of my favorite songs and you played it just beautifully...and love your style...wonderful voice too and smiled ....very very cool.  aloha, irene

Erin Hussey
11/08/16 07:23:09AM @erin-hussey:

Thanks Patricia - and Welcome to the FOTMD site. I think this is a great forum and hope you enjoy the opportunities and interactions as well.

patricia breen
11/07/16 05:07:30PM @patricia-breen:

im a new member erin.i love your playing and what a sweet voice.real musicality.

many thanks 


Erin Hussey
10/29/16 10:24:33PM @erin-hussey:

Anne and Gail. Thanks for the additional comments. So glad to know that both voice and playing are coming through well in the laptop recording.

Anne Bowman
10/29/16 10:17:18AM @anne-bowman:

Really enjoyed that!


Gail Webber
10/28/16 02:14:31PM @gail-webber:

Love this!  I've been playing this one lately, too.  You have such nice technique on the dulcimer and a beautiful voice.

Erin Hussey
10/28/16 10:28:37AM @erin-hussey:

Thank you Helen and Lexie. so glad you enjoyed this. Helen, I love the reminder that the FOTMD forum is international - I am so enjoying learning more about the site bit by bit as well and the depth of community is a bonus.  Lexie - thanks for the comments on my changes in playing across the song and that watching is fun too.   

Lexie R Oakley
10/27/16 10:51:28AM @lexie-r-oakley:

I am back Erin, so enjoy the combination of finger picking. stumming and picking with the pick, You really enhance the song with all of this.

Love watching you play, such a delight! 

Helen Seiler
10/26/16 04:37:30PM @helen-seiler:

This is wonderful in so many ways Erin... what a talented musician you are. I just woke up in Australa and this was a terrific way to start my day. Thank you.

Erin Hussey
10/25/16 06:55:54PM @erin-hussey:

Forgot you asked about the T-shirt. I really like this design too and it probably is still available. I picked it up from the National Eagle Center in Wabasha, MN.  The Center is in a beautiful location right along the upper Mississippi River. The displays and presentations are well done and fun.

Erin Hussey
10/25/16 06:26:57PM @erin-hussey:

Thanks Dusty - Glad to know this video supports you teaching for technique.  It is interesting to slow down within a piece and work out the placement and how best to move the melody within and in transition for chord changes.  I am still developing this skill but feel I am making progress so the comments are nice in supporting my emerging confidence.

Dusty Turtle
10/25/16 02:40:17PM @dusty-turtle:

I love your playing here, and I also love your t-shirt!  Can I get one?

I gave a lesson yesterday to someone who wants to learn fingerpicking, and my first piece of advice was to always finger a chord with her left hand so that she had full choice of all the string to pick her with right hand. I think I'll forward your video to her since that's exactly what you do before you start strumming.

Nice job all around, nice picking, nice singing, nice strumming. 

Erin Hussey
10/25/16 12:43:21PM @erin-hussey:

Thanks for the comments.  Hugss - I know the feeling and if I stopped working on something I enjoyed every time I was impressed by another, I probably would never play or sing again... Luckily, I love to play and sing too much and I trust that there are lots of enjoyable variations possible. So please keep up the great work on your own playing!  Also thanks to Lexie and Benjamin for the nice feedback. So glad you enjoyed this.

10/24/16 03:44:24PM @hugssandi:

OH so GOOD!  I have been practicing this song, but it's nothing like this...  I need to just stop!  LOL!  Thank you so much for sharing the beauty and artistry of your playing and singing with this song.


Lexie R Oakley
10/24/16 11:50:20AM @lexie-r-oakley:

Very pretty Erin. I enjoy hearing you play, very nice technique.

Benjamin W Barr Jr
10/24/16 08:34:57AM @benjamin-w-barr-jr:

Nice progression.  Keep up the good work.

Erin Hussey
10/24/16 08:28:56AM @erin-hussey:

I already posted this traditional song as my first audio upload at FOTMD, but decided to repeat this as my first video-with-singing.  I feel I am learning some things that I like - as well as noticing some details I might improve - by having both the audio & visual.