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Keep on the Sunny Side

musician/member name: People & Blogs
Duration: 00:03:05
Tune: J Howard Entwisle. Lyrics (1899) by Ada Blenhorn. I have read that the lyrics were inspired by Ada's nephew who used a wheelchair and requested they keep on "the sunny side" of the street during walks.
Charles Thomas
12/02/16 09:13:41PM @charles-thomas:

That was wonderful!! Such a clear and pure sound! I didn't realize that tune was that old, I always associated it with the 1930s.

Erin Hussey
12/02/16 04:37:05PM @erin-hussey:

Thank you Jan and Irene. Glad to brighten the days anytime.   Irene, Congrats on making and selling dulcimers. Wonderful skill. 

Jan Potts
12/01/16 12:57:54AM @jan-potts:

Hearing this makes me feel more sunny from the inside out (and I'm sure my face is beaming!)

sun    Jan

11/29/16 09:32:18PM @irene:

Yeah, such happy music here.  I finished #22 dulcimer 3 days ago, and today I sold it.  yeah, I get to make another one and it was such a sunny day today too.  great playing and singing.  aloha, irene

Erin Hussey
11/29/16 09:30:49PM @erin-hussey:

Terry, Benjamin, Steven, Lexie, Sam, Dusty, Brian.  Thanks for the wonderful comments. I am enjoying the challenge of recording, then deciding if the clip "holds up" when I view and listen. It is really nice to get such positive feedback. Thank you. In trying to move from performing only as a member within a local band to some solo performance, I especially appreciate some of the detailed comments on technique and voice.        Thank you!    

Terry, I find that (for now) I can best learn a piece if I memorize it and allow my playing to move away from the initially modeled or written arrangement over time into whatever settles for me musically.  Hope that helps as you find your own style on this great song.  

Dusty - I thought you might like this T-shirt - it is one of my favorites - from the annual Canoecopia event in Madison, WI.  I didn't select T-shirt to match the song, but it felt like a nice fit when viewed.     Yes, the last one was from National Eagle Center with a map of Minnesota.  

Brian G.
11/29/16 05:09:31PM @brian-g:

Very nice Erin!  :)  Thank you for sharing this.

Dusty Turtle
11/29/16 01:11:00PM @dusty-turtle:

Erin, you just have the best t-shirts!  I remember another one with a hawk or eagle on a branch against the outline map of Minnesota or Wisconsin, right?  This one is equally cool.  Me wants!

Oh, and your playing and singing is great, too.  You do a great job of playing with enough harmonic structure to support the song but still allowing open strings to ring out.  Very nice!

11/29/16 05:39:56AM @sam:

Wonderfully rich voice and your playing is natural and rhythmic. This is a VERY pleasant video to enjoy. 

Lexie R Oakley
11/28/16 10:31:13AM @lexie-r-oakley:

Nice Erin, I like the sunny side!

Steven Berger
11/27/16 10:07:09PM @steven-berger:

Nice playing and singing, Erin!



Benjamin W Barr Jr
11/27/16 09:35:36PM @benjamin-w-barr-jr:

Nice rendition. 

Terry Wilson
11/27/16 08:50:21PM @terry-wilson:

Erin, that was nice.  Enjoyed it very much, as it is one of my favorite songs to play, but was one of the most difficult for me to learn.  Just me I guess.

Happy Thanksgiving to you!


Erin Hussey
11/27/16 05:18:53PM @erin-hussey:

Well, Happy Thanksgiving weekend everyone. Elements of my arrangement of this song are based on a Susan Trump arrangement that I received while I was enrolled for some of her "Lessons in your Living Room".