Michael Allen Hammered dulcimer

Robin Thompson
last year
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If I were wanting to take up HD and if it is the same Michael Allen who builds Cloud Nine instruments, I'd go for it. 

Robin T
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Ken Hulme
last year
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Don't know if it's the same guy or not, but there is a Michael C. Allen building under the name Cloud Nine Instruments:  http://www.cloudninemusical.com/



Estes George
last year
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What can anyone tell me about his hammered dulcimers, while really a mountain dulcimer player, I ice bee wanting to pick up a hammered. I just found a Michael Allen at an indoor flea market, in perfect shape as far as I can tell, they are asking $200.00 for it. But need some educated info, thanks, George
It does have the hammers, no case, made in 1970, #55