New Dulcimer/Mandolin $200

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Dulcimer/Mandolin Based on Musicmakers plans:


I recently completed this dulcimer/mandolin. The neck and body are mahogany, and the soundboard is cedar. The scale is 14” standard mandolin.


A mandolin is tuned GDAE. By eliminating the high E string, and tuning the A string down a step, you have a GDG. If you already know how to play a dulcimer, you could easily add the mandolin to your repertoire. Also, by keeping the high G in the same position (nearest you) as a dulcimer, you don’t have to relearn all your songs with the strings in reverse order. All three strings are doubled for that “mandolin” sound and use a standard set of light mandolin strings.


The pictures show the front and back as well as the fretboard with the standard dulcimer spacing.  A change from the plans is for a 1” neck to accommodate the three evenly space double strings.


It takes a little getting used to because you play the notes with your fingers rather than your thumb. Once you get the hang of it, the songs come naturally.


Price is $200 plus shipping.