Beautiful Custom McSpadden with pickup

Gary Warnock
Gary Warnock
2 weeks ago
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I am selling this beautiful McSpadden Custom Dulcimer with pick-up.  Was made in January 2017.  It has inlay on the ebony fingerboard and they took the ebony right up on the flat head as well.  It has a high gloss protective finish.  Back and sides are Maple and the top is Spruce.  They added violin type purfling on the top.  Sounds great either unplugged or plugged in and amped.  It is in very good condition with only minor surface scratches.  Has the 1 1/2 and 8 1/2 frets.  Asking $1000 plus $40.00 shipping.  If shipping is less i will reimburse the difference.

my email is if you have any questions.

My best, Gary