David Honea dulcimer with bag and strap $160, free shipping!

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Hi everyone. I am offering my David Honea hourglass dulcimer with strap and protective bag for sale for $160.00.  I bought this dulcimer new from David in 2016 and it has been lovingly cared for since. At that time, David was a fireman in GA (and may still be) and built dulcimers during his off hours.  The dulcimer has a very sweet tone and has a Cedar top with natural sound holes, a White Oak head stock, a Pecan finger board and gorgeous sides and back (sorry, I cannot recall the name of the wood).  This instrument isn't super load but it has a good sound.  It measures 34.5 inches long, six inches at its widest, body is 2 inches deep and the VSL is 27.5 inches.  This was build #612 for David and was completed in September of 2016.  The bag is made of wonderful, soft quilted material and has an inside and outside back, both with draw strings. The outside bag is in excellent condition and features an outside book pocket as well as a shoulder strap. The inside bag is a little more worn but helps offer additional protection.  The strap is a common inexpensive guitar strap but serves the purpose quite well.  Shipping costs have gotten high but I am including shipping in this price! Feel free to send me a private message with any questions or to buy this dulcimer.  Thanks for looking!

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