Archie Smith Bowed Psaltery $150 + shipping

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Archie Smith Bowed Psaltery For Sale

$150 plus shipping

This instrument is signed and dated, although I’ll be honest that it’s difficult to read exactly what’s written inside. I can make out “A Smith” and I think the date is 4/90.  There is some other writing as well, but it is honestly difficult to read through the small harp soundhole.

The psaltery is 19” long, 7” wide at the bass, and just over 1" deep.   There are 24 strings.

I bought this instrument a few years ago planning to learn to play, but that has simply not happened.  In addition to the mountain dulcimer, guitar, and ukulele, I’ve recently been playing around with the hammered dulcimer, and this little psaltery is feeling ignored.  It deserves a loving home.

The instrument does not have a case, but it comes with a bow and a barely used mini rosin block.  And I forgot to put it in the picture, but I'll also send along a small tuning wrench.

The psaltery is in excellent playing condition, but the back does have some noticeable scratches.  Please see the picture attached. 

I am not sure of the wood, but the bottom and sides look like walnut and the top might be maple or cherry. Perhaps someone more knowledgeable than I about wood grains can identify it.

Archie Smith bowed psalteries are highly respected.  There is one on Ebay currently with an asking price over $600. 

Please send me a personal message if you're interested.

Dusty T., Northern California
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